12 October 2018

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR73)

mr_73_logoPortaOne announces the availability of a new maintenance release, PortaSwitch® MR73.

Highlights in MR73-0

  • PortaPhone mobile application
  • Built-in VPN solution for PortaSwitch®
  • FTTH service provisioning via Calix ONT
  • Brazilian-Portuguese language support for IVR
  • Simplified data provisioning to external systems

PortaPhone mobile application

Starting now, users of any iOS or Android smartphone can subscribe to your services using PortaPhone – a mobile app that’s integrated with PortaSwitch®. You can private-label PortaPhone via a web GUI so that customers see it listed under your name and with your logo in Google Play / App Store. To register, a user only has to enter their phone number and the verification code from the received SMS – the app provisions automatically and receives the service configuration from PortaSwitch®. When a service configuration changes in PortaSwitch® (e.g. you enable call transfer), it automatically updates in PortaPhone. Since you provision the app on user smartphones, you save on the purchase and delivery of hardware phones. You also boost sales, because anyone with a mobile phone can now become your customer. This way, you expand your market share and gain unlimited possibilities for business growth.

Built-in VPN solution for PortaSwitch®

An IPSec VPN client is now a standard PortaSwitch® module. Your administrator configures a VPN endpoint on a PortaSwitch® server on every site, and the system automatically establishes the VPN tunnel between them. This solution simplifies the network configuration to interconnect PortaSwitch® sites from remote locations and also unifies it. You save on purchasing third-party network routers while your administrators benefit from the reduced load on their configurations that therefore require less maintenance.

FTTH service provisioning via Calix ONT

Now you can deliver high-speed Internet services to subscribers by building fiber to the home networks (FTTH) using the Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) / Active Ethernet (AE) fiber access technologies together with Calix network access equipment. To make this happen, PortaBilling® provisions user endpoints (Optical Network Terminals) such as Calix 803G GigaPoint, Calix 844E GigaCenter, Calix 716GE-I, and interoperates with the Calix Management System (CMS). The CMS handles network access management and bandwidth control by activating services on the ONTs and allocating bandwidth limits for subscribers. PortaBilling® as the B/OSS, provides a single place for both customer and service management. This enables you to automate the service configuration and the delivery to subscribers.

Brazilian-Portuguese language support for IVR

The updated set of IVR and system prompts in Brazilian-Portuguese enables CSPs to provide services both in Brazil and to Brazilian expats located in other countries, in their own native language. This ensures that their user experience meets their needs.

Simplified data provisioning to external systems

Now to provision an external system (e.g. HSS), your web application subscribes for a Subscriber, Customer, DID or Invoice group of event types. These groups notify the web application that an entity is being created, updated or deleted within PortaBilling® so that the app can provision the external system accordingly. For example, when a new SIM card is assigned to an account, PortaBilling® sends the Subscriber/Updated event type with the account ID to the web application, which passes it to the HSS. This significantly simplifies the process of interoperation with external systems. At the same time, it enables outsource developers to quickly understand how provisioning works and write web applications that properly process provisioning events.



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