23 August 2018

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR72)

mr_72_logoPortaOne announces the availability of a new maintenance release, PortaSwitch® MR72.

Highlights in MR72-0

  • On-demand media transcoding by PortaSIP®
  • Support of multiple early dialogues by PortaSIP® as IMS TAS
  • Advanced data search via the API
  • Integration with Juniper MX960 Internet gateway
  • Integration with YateUCN CAMEL gateway
  • Integration with Adax HSS
  • Dedicated IPs for white labeling
  • NewUI pages

On-demand media transcoding by PortaSIP®

Now PortaSIP® can encode media for each call party using their preferred codec. This enables you to use optimal codecs for the best call quality even if your vendors do not yet support them. For example, to deliver good call quality to customers even with limited bandwidth, you can use Speex and iLBC codecs in your mobile application. Most telcos still only support traditional telephony codecs (G.711 and G.729), so when a call from a mobile app goes to a vendor, PortaSIP® converts the media from Speex into G.711 for the vendor and back – for the app. This allows you to pick any combination of CPEs (IP phones or mobile apps) and carriers to optimize sound quality and minimize operation costs.

Support of multiple early dialogues by PortaSIP® as IMS TAS

PortaSIP® now supports multiple early dialogs which are the communications between endpoints while a call is being established. This allows you to meet the requirements of IMS deployments and provide advanced call services to subscribers. For example, enable your subscribers to connect multiple devices (e.g. a phone and a tablet) and receive calls on any of them.

Advanced data search via the API

Now you can easily interface external applications (CRM platforms, reporting systems, etc.) with PortaBilling®. Instead of calling several API methods to obtain the customer / account data required by the app, your administrator creates a custom API query and feeds it to PortaBilling®. PortaBilling® then retrieves and delivers the desired information to the application (e.g. a list of US customers who have spent over $50 on voice calls this past month) for you to start a marketing campaign from your CRM. You therefore optimize your business processes and operations.

Integration with Juniper MX960 Internet gateway

PortaBilling® is integrated with the Juniper MX960 edge router. It functions as the BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) in the ISP’s network, providing an entry point for user devices to connect to broadband Internet. PortaBilling® acts as the OCS (Online Charging System) that communicates with Juniper via the RADIUS protocol for real-time user authorization and rating. PortaBilling® enables ISPs to control bandwidth for data transfer, manage user quotas and redirect users to a hotline portal once their quota is used. Juniper supports such technologies as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Active Ethernet, Passive Optical Networking (PON), Hybrid Fiber Coaxial and WiFi, providing ISPs with choices for how to deliver Internet access to users.

Integration with YateUCN CAMEL gateway

The integration of PortaBilling® and YateUCN for CAMEL Diameter(Ro) communication with mobile core enables MVNOs to provide voice call services to 3G network subscribers . The compatibility of YateUCN with 2G, 3G and 4G networks provides a variety of solutions for organizing network infrastructure.

Integration with Adax HSS

Now PortaBilling® provisions SIM card information (IMSI and MSISDN) to Adax HSS, the unified storage for subscriber data. In addition to interoperability between PortaBilling® and Adax EPC, this integration provides a ready-to-use Adax ecosystem for CSPs to organize their LTE network.

Dedicated IPs for white labeling

Now you can allow every white label operator to create a custom website under own domain and thus operate as an independent service provider. The ability to use their own SSL encryption for websites enables them to secure user communications with the web server. You benefit by optimizing your white labeling services and preventing network bottlenecks when a mass of traffic comes to the same host and port.

NewUI pages

The following functionalities are available on the new UI with this release: Custom reports, IVR applications, Change history (ex-web logs) and Call authorization.



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