18 May 2018

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR70)

mr_70_logoPortaOne announces the availability of a new long-life maintenance release, PortaSwitch® MR70. This release focuses mainly on system stability and usability, and  several software builds for it will be issued for about a year from now. Though development efforts are heavily concentrated on improving existing functionality, a handful of new features are also available.

Highlights in MR70-0

  • GDPR compliance
  • Load balancer in PortaBilling® web cluster
  • Integration with YateHSS
  • Display of service usage statistics from Cisco Jasper in PortaBilling®
  • SIM card provisioning to Aricent HSS
  • Enhanced API operation in dual-version PortaSwitch®
  • Auto-provisioning for new IP phones

GDPR compliance

This release features a set of enhancements to help you become compliant with the EU GDPR requirements concerning personal data protection and processing outside the EU:

  • Controlled access to personal data. You regulate your administrative staff’s access to personal data so that administrators who are not allowed to process personal data only see it anonymized both in PortaBilling® GUI and on custom self-care portals that are integrated with PortaBilling® via the API.
  • Two-version PDF invoices and reports: one version contains full information i.e. personal data for customer use and the other one contains only anonymized data to be used by administrators. This ensures that customer personal data is safe.
  • Recording read access to personal data in logs. This helps you make sure that processing activities by your staff are within the documented policies.

Load balancer in PortaBilling® web cluster

It is no longer necessary to assign a multicast MAC address to each web cluster node and configure the network router to send requests to all servers. Now the web cluster load balancer accepts all incoming requests and distributes them among cluster nodes according to a predefined algorithm (“round-robin” by default). It also monitors cluster health and adjusts request distribution in case of a node failure. This enables deploying the web cluster in all networks and datacenters.

Integration with YateHSS

In addition to integration with YateUCN for real-time user charging, PortaBilling® is now integrated with YateHSS for SIM card provisioning. This allows you to organize your LTE network infrastructure by using Yate products exclusively.

Display of service usage statistics from Cisco Jasper in PortaBilling®

This enables you to see all customer details in PortaBilling® and perform service and customer management from a single place.

SIM card provisioning to Aricent HSS

HSS is the centralized subscriber database that stores and manages subscriber information for LTE service provisioning. As of this release, PortaBilling® is integrated with Aricent HSS to provision subscriber details (SIM card IMSI, MSISDN) and account profile information (e.g. QoS parameters). This broadens the range of available LTE solutions for wireless operators to organize their network infrastructure.

Enhanced API operation in dual-version PortaSwitch®

Now the API dispatcher automatically detects the session context (the system where the API request must go), thus permitting customer management  via sending fewer API requests. Preserving product IDs, customer classes and other very commonly used entities when moving them between systems results in fewer customizations required to make the apps compatible with dual-version PortaSwitch®.

Auto-provisioning for new IP phones

This release includes auto-provisioning capabilities for Grandstream GXP2135, GXP2170, GXP1760, GXP1780, GXP1782, GXP1610, GXP1615, GXP1620, GXP1625, GXP1628, and GXP1630 models of IP phones, and Grandstream DP750 DECT base station with DP720 handsets.



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