30 March 2018

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR69)

mr_69_logoPortaOne presents the availability of MR69-0, the newest version of the PortaSwitch® communication services delivery platform.

Highlights in MR69-0

  • PortaSIP® as IMS TAS
  • Automated commission calculation for representatives
  • Invoicing and e-payment data synchronization with bookkeeping systems
  • Auto-download CDR file from external systems
  • Support of SIP preconditions
  • New UI pages
  • High-availability for the dispatching SBC via different virtual IP addresses

PortaSIP® as IMS TAS

PortaSIP® takes on the role of a TAS (Telephony Application server) in IMS / VoLTE networks. Your subscribers can extend their use of an IP Centrex service to their mobile phones (for instance, dial a colleague’s short extension number) or utilize FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) to seamlessly handle calls across all of their devices (desktop phone, mobile phone and WebRTC app). Combined with the flexible logic PortaSIP® already uses for creating custom call handling scripts and API for integration with external applications such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) or CRM, this opens up new possibilities for deploying Mobile Centrex and enabling the simplified deployment of an MVNO.

Automated commission calculation for representatives

Commissions to sales agents (representatives) are calculated using a flexible formula defined by an administrator. These formulas are based either on amounts of payments / topups made by customers (suitable for pre-paid services), or based on invoiced amounts. In the latter case, the service provider has advanced flexibility for differentiating commission amounts per service (e.g. 10% on voice and 15% on SMS) and usage / recurring charges (subscriptions). Commissions are defined as either a percentage or a fixed sum and can change with time (e.g. 10% for the first 6 months of the customer life time and then 5% afterwards), so an administrator can fine-tune the balance between meeting short-term sales quotas and addressing long-term sustainability.

Invoicing and e-payment data synchronization with bookkeeping systems

PortaBilling® provides pre-set functionality for notifications to external bookkeeping systems (e.g. Pastel Accounting, QuickBooks, etc.) about events such as new invoice generation or payments received. This allows for the easy implementation of data syncing with bookkeeping systems – the only requirement is a plugin that delivers data via the bookkeeping system’s API. This ensures accurate financial reporting.

Auto-download CDR file from external systems

Now an administrator can configure an xDR mediator to connect to external systems (e.g. the B/OSS of your MNO) and automatically download CDR files via FTP / SFTP. This enhancement simplifies xDR import configuration and support via system updates. It also increases system security since access to PortaBilling® components is restricted.

Support of SIP preconditions

PortaSIP® supports SIP preconditions – additional parameters in a SIP request used in IMS environments to properly negotiate a call setup. This enhancement enables you to meet the requirements of IMS deployments and prevent post-dial delay (that awkward silence you hear after a number has been dialed).

New UI pages

This release introduces the following redesigned pages for the new web GUI: Company info, Taxation, E-payments and Custom data.

High-availability for the dispatching SBC via different virtual IP addresses 

In addition to using the same virtual IP address for the dispatching SBC on the main and secondary sites, an administrator has another option for increasing its high-availability. Now they can add the dispatching SBC on the main and secondary sites and assign different virtual IP addresses to it. To provision vendor equipment and user devices they configure the DNS SVR records to resolve the dispatching SBC’s hostname on both IP addresses. In the normal mode of operation, SIP endpoints (vendor gateways and customer SIP phones and IP PBXes) will prioritize the main site’s dispatching SBC and when it is unavailable, send registration and call initiation requests to the dispatching SBC on the secondary site. This solution provides independence from details in network configuration and permits completely independent data centers to be used. CSPs can deploy PortaSwitch® in various geographic locations to optimize traffic flow and ensure uninterrupted service provisioning.



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