14 February 2018

PortaOne announces new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR68)


In ITEXPO East 2018, PortaOne presents the availability of MR68-0, the newest version of the PortaSwitch® communication services delivery platform.

Highlights in MR68-0

  • PortaSIP® as IMS TAS;
  • Integration with Cisco Jasper;
  • Connect PSTN calls via call control API;
  • Same IP address for the dispatching SBC on the main and secondary site;
  • Gradual customer migration from MR50x to MR65x via dual-version PortaSwitch®;
  • Integration with the VCS payment gateway;
  • Auto-provisioning for GrandStream HT802 & GXW4216;
  • Integration with YateUCN EPC.

PortaSIP® as IMS TAS

PortaSIP® can now be used as a TAS (Telecom Application Server) in IMS / VoLTE networks. Of particular interest is the “shared’ deployment mode for the MVNO. In this case, host MNO owns the majority of the network core elements (e.g. S-CSCF), but TAS resides on the MVNO side. This allows the MVNO to have complete flexibility for implementing various call handling scenarios, performing real-time authorization and charging against its own OCS, etc. – without having to invest in a full set of network core elements.

Integration with Cisco Jasper 

The interoperation between PortaBilling® and Cisco Jasper enables you to provide IoT connectivity as a service and earn additional revenue. PortaBilling® provisions customer and SIM card data to Cisco Jasper and then bills subscribers for this service usage. Cisco Jasper is responsible for SIM card activation. It partners with 550+ mobile networks worldwide, enabling you to provide IoT connectivity to your subscribers across several networks. This allows you to expand your services into other markets while your business grows.

Connect PSTN calls via call control API

This enhancement allows you to extend your web / mobile dialing app capabilities, e.g. trigger a callback call to a customer’s mobile phone and then connect the customer with their desired destination. Thus, you allow customers to use the services – even if the connectivity for VoIP calls is poor. This means you provide flexibility for your OTT services.

Same IP address for the dispatching SBC on the main and secondary site 

Now an administrator can add the dispatching SBC on the fully-redundant secondary site using the same virtual IP address as on the main site and thus increase the dispatching SBC’s high-availability. Together with dynamic IP routing configured between sites, this dispatching SBC becomes activated to handle incoming traffic if / when the main site’s dispatching SBC is down. Communication flow via PortaSwitch® for user devices and vendor equipment remains unchanged, thereby simplifying service configuration and system management.

Gradual customer migration from MR50x to MR65x via dual-version PortaSwitch®

Instead of migrating customers from legacy MR50 to MR60 and then to MR65, service providers can now immediately jump straight to MR65. This enables service providers to quickly and efficiently deliver all of the new functionalities developed over 15 releases to targeted groups of their customers. By connecting customers to PortaSwitch® via the dispatching SBC, service providers ensure seamless migration and uninterrupted service provisioning.

Integration with the VCS payment gateway

PortaBilling® is now integrated with Virtual Card Services (VCS), a payment processor in South Africa. This is an external payment processor, meaning that customers are redirected to the VCS’s portal where they enter credit card details and complete their payments. The VCS then sends PortaBilling® the status of the transaction. All sensitive information such as credit card details, CVVs etc. is handled by the VCS, simplifying the security certification process for you. You launch your services faster, and thereby speed up your return on investments.

Auto-provisioning for GrandStream HT802 & GXW4216

These ATAs can now be provisioned by PortaSwitch®, thereby enabling your customers to enjoy the benefits of a VoIP network, such as reduced call costs and better connectivity from landline phones.

Integration with YateUCN EPC

YateUCN is a software-defined EPC core integrated with PortaBilling® as the OCS for LTE service provisioning with real-time user authorization and charging. This integration enables you to organize your LTE network infrastructure with reduced CAPEX. The support of credit control application, rating groups and hotlining enables you to deliver full-scale Internet services to mobile users.



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