22 December 2017

PortaOne to announce new B/OSS and softswitch release (MR67)

mr_67_logoPortaOne wishes you a healthy, prosperous, happy and successful New Year and announces the availability of MR67-0, the newest version of the PortaSwitch® communication services delivery platform.

MR67 highlights

  • No call interruption during zero-downtime system update
  • Data import and VAS charges from TAP3
  • Consolidated bill for HQ / Branch customers
  • Entities for common use by the administrator and resellers
  • New UI pages
  • Centralized data repository for third-party systems

The most important improvements in the  functionality include:

No call interruption during zero-downtime system update

Now administrators can gracefully shut down PortaSIP® servers while performing a system update with zero-downtime. The dispatching SBC sends new call attempts to the secondary site while PortaSIP® servers on the main site are shut down, one by one, once all calls in progress have been completed on them. The same procedure then repeats on the secondary site. This brings the system update to a new level, ensuring uninterrupted service provisioning within your installation for all customers.

Data and VAS charges import from TAP3

Now an MVNO can import source CDR records in PortaBilling® in the TAP3 format and bill their subscribers for calls, SMSs, MMSs and Internet services used, both within the home network and while roaming. This enables an MVNO to extend their service range with value-added services such as direct carrier billing, which enables subscribers to pay for goods from their phones and include those charges on their monthly phone bills.

Consolidated bill for HQ / Branch customers

Now service providers can issue their customers a single bill that includes charges for both main and all branch offices. Therefore, the company owner can pay for the total service usage charge in a single operation.

Entities for common use by the administrator and resellers

Now the administrator can manage the chain of resellers who provide the same product under own brands (e.g. several banks to offer premium package of finance consulting plus travel SIM). Instead of configuring the service for each reseller, the administrator creates a common product that every reseller can use. When the pricing changes, the administrator can update it for all of the resellers simultaneously. This allows service providers to encourage companies lacking deep technical knowledge to become their resellers, as all the service management is done by the administrators.

New UI pages

These functionalities have been redesigned and are available on the new web GUI: Nodes, Destination group sets, Routing categories.

Centralized data repository for third-party systems

This enhancement allows administrators to integrate third-party systems such as NMS, CRM etc. with PortaBilling® and operate with them via the PortaBilling® web interface. PortaBilling® uses the API to dynamically retrieve the data stored in the third-party system, and display the consolidated information on the admin web GUI. When changes are made, PortaBilling® pushes the updated data to the third-party system. So if you use the NMS for network management and monitoring with PortaBilling®, upon opening a customer file, you see the customer details plus the router information and the communication channel status. As a result, you have additional flexibility in introducing your individual business solutions with PortaBilling®.



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