25 April 2017

PortaOne to Announce New B/OSS and Softswitch Release (MR62)

PortaOne announced availability of MR62-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR62 Highlights

  • Oracle database version 12c
  • Incoming SMS delivery
  • Custom ringback tones
  • Percentage-based call forwarding
  • Transfer of funds and airtime among users
  • P-Access-Network-Info header support
  • IPv6 networking for PortaSwitch

The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Oracle database version 12c – Beginning with this release, Oracle Database has been upgraded to version 12c. This version enhances automatic data optimization and increases database security and availability, which altogether results in better performance.

Incoming SMS delivery – Service providers can now introduce two-way SMS services for mobile app users. This will enable them to enjoy messaging with each other via sending SMSs. While incoming SMSs are free of charge for recipients, senders are billed for the ones delivered.

Custom ringback tones – By allowing users to replace default ringback tones with individual greetings or music, the administrator adds ways to monetize users’ desires to appear contemporary and therefore increase their level of competitiveness in the market.

Percentage-based call forwarding – This functionality enables administrators engaged in toll-free DID provisioning to better meet their SIP trunking customers’ demands in terms of call forwarding. Administrators may define that a percentage of calls coming to a customer’s toll-free number be forwarded to a particular number from the forwarding list.
This is especially beneficial for businesses that utilize outsource solutions (e.g. call centers), since it allows load-balancing incoming call traffic based on those solutions’ capabilities.

Transfer of funds and airtime among users – This is another popular service for prepaid users. By transferring funds, users can pay for everything without using cash and / or credit cards, and airtime transfers (SMS, minutes of calls or data GB) enable them to stay connected. With this functionality, you encourage your users to make frequent top-ups and, as a result, increase your revenue stream. The simplicity and safety of this service for end users encourages them to register new accounts, thereby boosting your sales.

P-Access-Network-Info header support – Service providers can now meet some European countries’ regulations (e.g. France’s legal requirements) by passing users’ location information to their termination partners within the P-Access-Network-Info SIP header that is fully supported by PortaSwitch®. This ensures legitimate service provisioning in Europe.

IPv6 networking for PortaSwitch® – With the increasing demand to transition to IPv6 networks, PortaSwitch® now supports both IPv4 and IPv6 network interfaces. The interfaces operate in parallel, although the IPv4 network interface remains the primary one. This is a preliminary step for initiating the “dual-stack” mode in PortaSwitch® and provides the opportunity to gradually migrate servers from an IPv4 network to an IPv6 network.



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