17 September 2013

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 36

PortaOne announced availability of MR36-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR36 Highlights

  • SIM card inventory management.
  • Extension of XML API.
  • Dialing rules enhancement
  • Improved huntgroup/pickup groups
  • Improvements on the self-care portal
  • Geo-IP fraud protection in case of external SBCs
  • Auto-provisioning of new phones
  • Better warning about call disconnection
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

SIM card inventory management

To better address the needs of providers of MVNO or LTE services on PortaSwitch, it is now possible to store the inventory of SIM cards in PortaBilling. SIM cards can be imported in bulk and then allocated to subscribers from the inventory, as is done for IP phones or DID numbers. When a SIM card is assigned to a customer, PortaBilling can automatically provision the information to HSS / HLR.

Extension of XML API

XML API now includes methods for accessing and managing information about volume discount plans (including the ability to change the actual definition of the discount/threshold structure) and customer sites. A separate API method has been added for immediate generation of out-of-turn invoices - this allows you to import charges and produce such invoices from an external order-entry system.

Dialing rules enhancement

Now it is possible to define number translation rules per individual site under a customer. This allows hosted IP PBX services to be provided to large enterprises with offices in different cities or countries. A dialing rule definition is then associated with an individual account, so it is even possible to assign a dialing rule from site A to a phone line which belongs to extension B (e.g. an employee temporarily transferred to another office).

Improved huntgroup/pickup groups

This is yet another feature aimed at providing a better hosted IP PBX service to large enterprises. It is now possible to divide extensions into groups (so each huntgroup may become a pickup group) and to control call pickup within individual groups. This allows, for instance, members of a support group to do direct or indirect pickup of each other’s phones; but they cannot accidentally or intentionally pick up an incoming call to an extension in the “management” group.

Improvements on the self-care portal

There are several new improvements on the self-care portal

  • Call screening (also called "conditional call forwarding") allows you to direct a call based on the caller’s ID (and, optionally, on which of the phone-line DIDs was called). The new interface will attract more customers to this add-on service, since end-users can easily create and manage their own rules.
  • Simplified auto-pay options management. The new interface for managing automatic payments options allows end-users to conveniently manage their balance-driven payment settings (so the credit card on file is automatically charged when the balance drops below a specified threshold).
Geo-IP fraud protection in case of external SBCs

Integration with AcmePacket (now Oracle) Session Border Controller allows you to correctly apply geo-IP fraud protection measures even in case the end-point registers to SBC and its IP address is thus not directly visible to PortaSwitch.

Auto-provisioning of new phones

Auto-provisioning support has been added for the Cisco Linksys SPA-122 and Yealink W53P phones.

Better warning about call disconnection

This feature allows you to provide multiple warnings when a call is about to be disconnected because of insufficient funds. This ensures that the user has a sufficient amount of time to react and either finish the call or refill the balance.



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