16 April 2013

PortaOne Delivers New PortaSwitch Features Available in Maintenance Release 33

On April 12 last week, PortaOne announced the availability of MR33-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, our flagship communication services delivery platform.

MR33 Highlights:

  • Invoice review
  • Automated prorated volume discounts
  • Comfort ringtone generation
  • Custom tax rates
  • Billing based on P-Charge-Info header
  • Automated Billsoft updates
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Invoice review

Administrators can review invoices and then either approve or make adjustments to them before they are sent to end-users. This allows you to prevent any billing mistakes before they are visible to end-users, and so enhances your company's overall image. In order to avoid revenue loss because of invoices never being approved, PortaBilling applies a maximum allowed review period.

Prorated volume discounts

Considering the multitude and flexibility of product plans that a service provider can create using PortaSwitch, and the fast pace of today's communication market, changes in a customer's configuration (adding or removing add-ons, switching to a different product, etc.) may happen quite often.

In order to ensure proper billing when a customer's product changes and to avoid any "loopholes" for service abuse, PortaBilling now does automated prorated calculation of volume discounts for incomplete billing periods. For example, a customer with a monthly billing cycle who activates the “300 free domestic minutes” plan on April 20th will only receive 100 free minutes for the remainder of April.

Comfort ringtone generation

This functionality improves the end-user experience in a situation when an outgoing carrier is unable to quickly establish a connection to the called party. If the end-user hears only silence for even a few seconds, he may think that something is wrong with his phone or your VoIP network. To prevent such a negative experience, a “comfort” ringtone can be generated by PortaSwitch as soon as the incoming call is received and while PortaSwitch performs the actual negotiation with the outgoing carriers.

Custom tax rates

This allows you to define your own tax types and the applicable tax rates, and then choose which ones are applicable to a specific group of customers. The taxes can be applied to all charges, only usage charges, or only monthly recurring charges. This allows you to handle taxation in countries where a single VAT rate is not sufficient.

Billing based on P-Charge-Info header

This new authorization method in PortaSIP allows a “hosted” billing service to be provided for customers with their own IP PBX. Thus a service provider, in addition to supplying a SIP trunking service, also provides detailed billing for individual departments / extensions within the customer’s organization. This allows the power of PortaBilling to be utilized to significantly increase corporate customer loyalty, since choosing a different provider for SIP trunking is a matter of “5 minutes”, while the choice of a billing provider is basically permanent.

Automated Billsoft updates

An updated version of the tax information for the BillSoft EZtax module is released monthly. To save operator time and avoid manual downloads, PortaBilling can automatically download and install the updated module (an active subscription to the EZtax service is required).



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