27 October 2011

PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 24 Enters the Production Stage with MR24-1 Coming for Supported Customers

With the release of the build 1 for the Maintenance Release 24 in November, PortaOne customers can start upgrading their production systems to the latest version, which offers improved performance, stability and many new opportunities for expanding their business.

PortaOne will conduct several online web-casts to provide more details about the specific features that are available as a part of MR24.

The web-casts are currently scheduled as follows:

  • November 4th, 11am Singapore time (2pm Sydney);
  • November 8th, 9am London time (10am Western European, 10am South African, 12pm Dubai);
  • November 9th, 9am US Pacific time (12pm US Eastern , 5pm London time, 6pm Western European).

PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 24 includes:

  • Updated version of the operating system (Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1);
  • New version of MySQL database server (5.1). Besides the general performance enhancements and improved handling of multiple CPUs/cores MySQL 5.1 this version also contains the table partitioning option, which significantly increases the speed of the most frequent data access operations on large tables like those storing xDR information;
  • New easy-to-use web interface for end-users for managing various service parameters, notably hosted IP PBX / IP Centrex settings;
  • Transparent clustering of multiple PortaBilling web servers to provide uninterrupted service for end-users or external applications via XML API;
  • Tariff override, which allows you to manage a large number of similar tariffs with minimum effort and a low probability of error;
  • Codec enforcement policies, so PortaSwitch administrators are able to control the acceptable / preferred codecs for each customer or a vendor;
  • Advanced capacity routing, which will gradually reduce the amount of calls sent to a carrier as the load on the connection exceeds the desired capacity limit;
  • Time-based bandwidth management for Internet access service;
  • Auto-provisioning for Cisco SPA-504G; Linksys PAP2T; Yealink SIP-T20, SIP-T22, SIP-T26, SIP-T28P IP phones;
  • Arabic and Italian languages for PortaUM IVRs;
  • "Deposit files" feature in the configuration server, which allows to ensure that some user-generated files (e.g. custom IVR prompts) are maintained on the system throughout any updates;
  • A new licensing module (part of the configuration server), which allows on-the-fly adding of the new servers/services to the configuration and eliminates the need for USB dongles in the rest of PortaSwitch servers;
  • Integration with TransferTo for cross-country mobile top-ups and airtime remittance.
All customers interested in scheduling an update should contact PortaOne support team (support@portaone.com).



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