28 September 2009

Pre-Release New Features Announcement and Overview: PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 21

The MR21 will be available for installation on the staging systems in November this year.

Please find below a short overview of the PortaSwitch new features that are going to be available with MR21:

  • 64-Bit Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 - This maintenance release 21 utilizes a state-of-the-art operating system with support for many types of modern hardware platforms. Besides numerous improvements to internal design and security, the 64bit architecture allows the use of large amounts of RAM, thus dramatically increasing overall system performance.
  • Configuration Management - In order to simplify management of large-scale PortaSwitch deployments containing multiple servers, configuration of the PortaSwitch system itself will be managed via a single, unified web interface. Administrators can manage the available hardware servers, assign or change their roles, and modify parameters like IP addresses or other options which affect the way the system operates. The configuration is stored on a designated server, and can be applied to all other servers without any intervention by the administrator.This allows to perform such operations as application migration from one server to another in just a few minutes. Also, the configuration management GUI retains a history of configuration changes, making it easy to roll back to the last stable set-up.
  • Distributors - This new entity is designed to expand sales activities by involving extra agents and enlarging the point-of–sale network. A distributor can create new customers or accounts and accept payments on behalf of an ITSP. The system automatically controls credit limits (each account activation is immediately reflected in the distributor’s balance) and calculates commissions. Distributors can be also be used by resellers, thus adding another level to the distribution scheme.
  • CRM Ticketing System - As a part of the PortaSwitch functionality, PortaOne customers will have access to the RT ticketing system, enabling robust management of customer trouble tickets. While running on a separate server, RT is fully integrated with PortaBilling. Thus a list of the customer’s open tickets is visible on the “Customer Info” screen in PortaBilling, while creating a new ticket requires just a single click.
  • Improved Rate Upload - An interactive process enables you to process and review the rate file, apply changes to it, and perform associated operations such as creating new prefixes and assigning them to destination groups. All of this is done in an intuitive, step-by-step process which takes less time and eliminates possible errors.
  • Call Recording - Users are able to automatically record and replay all incoming or outgoing calls. Alternatively, they can start recording a call in progress by dialing a special key combination on the phone keypad.
  • RFC4244 and RFC3325 - The support of history information and asserted identity within trusted networks will satisfy the interconnection requirements often imposed by large national telco operators.
  • SIP over TCP  - The support of SIP over TCP allows ITSPs to provide SIP trunking services to new groups of customers, particularly those using Microsoft OCS.
  • GUI for PortaUM Application Configuration - Individual application parameters, such as whether ANI authentication should be performed, or announcing the available balance to the customer, are now configured via the PortaBilling web interface, and changes can be applied automatically.

Please note that this is a preliminary announcement and the list above is not 100% complete and confirmed yet. For more information please contact us.



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