19 May 2009

Pre-Release New Features Announcement and Overview: PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 20

The MR20 will be available for installation on the staging systems later in August.

Please find below a short overview of the new features that are going to be available with MR20:

  • New FreeBSD version - All installation CDs are now built using FreeBSD 6.4, which contains an updated set of device drivers, as well as performance and security enhancements.


  • Advanced ISP billing - New features include real-time charges for data transfer services, flexible definition of upload/download speed and the ability to apply time-based speed limits, data transfer quotas, automated service cut-off, and many more.
  • Access number routing - Ability to define from the web interface how calls to specific access numbers (DIDs) should be processed. For example, one access number should be routed to PortaUM for a prepaid card IVR, while another should go to PortaBridge for conferencing services. This greatly simplifies management of the different applications and services provided on your network.
  • Improved tariff upload procedure - It is now possible to process rows in the data file which contain multiple prefixes in the same column. Also, a new configuration option allows a rate, which has the “effective from” date in the past (and thus cannot be uploaded), to be automatically mapped to a rate “effective immediately” during upload.
  • Improvements in the invoicing module - The “void invoice” and “invoice recalculation” tasks can now be directly performed from an easy-to-use PortaBilling web interface.
  • RT integration for call detail submission - Gathering all the required information regarding “problem” calls can be a tedious process. Having all the required information in the initial request would greatly speed up problem resolution. Now it is possible to submit a new ticket to PortaOne support directly from the PortaBilling call information screen, with all the required information automatically attached.
  • Flexible discount plan lookup - When searching for an applicable discount plan, PortaBilling can now pattern-match a dialed phone number against all destinations used in the volume discount definition (similar to how this is done in call rating, i.e. matching the phone number against the destinations included in the tariff).
  • Node management - Simplified “Node” management screen for easier operations.


  • Call scenarios management - It is now possible to specify from the PortaBilling web interface what rules defining a call handling scenario (e.g. digest or IP-based authentication) are to be applied to a call. Rules can be based on remote IP addresses, device identification strings, and the like.

Unified Messaging

  • French and Portuguese language support - In order to allow ITSPs using PortaSwitch to expand their customer base even further, PortaUM now offers language support for French (for all IVR applications and the web interface) and Brazilian Portuguese (for applications such as calling card and balance recharge).



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