16 January 2017

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 60

MR60 is the new PortaSwitch® long-life release. It boasts stability, and performance and usability enhancements along with a handful of new functions.

MR60 Highlights

  • Service Pools
  • Unified Tax Codes
  • Voice over WiFi Solution
  • WIN (Wireless Intelligent Network) integration
  • Roaming CDR presentation
  • ElasticSearch upgrade
  • Enhanced support for Cisco 7000 / 7200 routers
Service Pools - This enhancement allows you to "pool" together various services (such as voice calls, SMSs and data) and use a common balance to pay for these activities (thus expanding the current functionality of quotas / service wallets, which can only be used for a single service). Your balance can be either monetary or expressed in virtual units (where 1 minute of voice calls equals 5 units, 1 SMS equals 3 units and 1MB of data equals 1 unit). This adds yet another level of pricing flexibility and allows for more efficient monetization of triple- and quadruple-play services.

Unified Tax Codes - To simplify the administration of taxation configuration, a new concept has been introduced. Tax codes are identifiers used for properly determining a type of transaction within PortaBilling. An admin can create new taxation codes or adjust existing ones within a set. Later, these codes are mapped into the taxation engine’s proprietary codes for each taxation plugin (Avalara, SureTax, etc.). As a result, the configuration of products, tariffs, subscriptions, etc. stays independent from the taxation configuration. An admin may easily adjust the tax code mapping or even switch to a new taxation engine, as desired.

Voice over WiFi Solution - When PortaSwitch is deployed alongside Protei’s WiFi Roaming platform, it comprises a cost-efficient WiFi roaming solution that works with virtually any smartphone. When an end-user is outside their home country and connects his/her smartphone to a WiFi network, the mobile app registers to PortaSwitch; this registration is then passed to Protei, which acts as a VLR and updates the subscriber’s status with the mobile network’s HLR. Any incoming call that arrives to the mobile operator’s core network is then forwarded directly to PortaSwitch and delivered to mobile app via SIP. The user answers the call on the mobile app, so there are no roaming costs for the mobile carrier or the end-user. Also, outgoing calls can be made through PortaSwitch via SIP as well, bypassing the visiting GSM operator.

WIN (Wireless Intelligent Network) integration - An interop has been performed between PortaBilling OCS and the BroadForward BFX Interface Gateway. This allows PortaBilling to be deployed for real-time charging on the Sprint network in the USA as well as on any other CDMA networks that follow the North American standard.

Roaming CDR presentation - The identification for the roaming location (country and mobile network visited) is now stored along with other CDR data. This way you can append the roaming location to CDR data on the admin / self-care web GUI as well as display it on invoices.

ElasticSearch upgrade - ElasticSearch (the NoSQL database used for storing and processing log files and CDR mediation) has been upgraded to version 2.

Enhanced support for Cisco 7000 / 7200 routers - Enhanced Internet Service Provisioning includes the ability to change the parameters of a session in progress (such as permitted bandwidth), without any interruptions to an end-user.



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