23 November 2016

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 59

PortaOne announced availability of MR59-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR59 Highlights

  • DID Supplier Service
  • Telebreeze IPTV platform integration
  • Service Wallet Expiration Time
  • Call Recording Storage in MP3
  • Extended Call Control API
  • Call Trace of Abusive Calls
  • Encrypted voucher PINs
  • Enhanced logs for PortaSIP Media Server
  • Bandwidth-aware control of call volume
  • Enhanced "Apply Configuration" option
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

DID Supplier Service - Any PortaSwitch-powered ITSP can now grant other telcos (DID buyers) access to their DID inventory via the API, and also allow them to provision DID numbers on-demand. This enables PortaOne customers to become active players in the global wholesale DID market.

Telebreeze IPTV platform integration - PortaBilling now supports the provisioning of IPTV service on the TeleBreeze middleware platform. Administrators can define channel packages per product and create additional "a la carte" options; changes implemented to the service configuration (new customer creation, change of product, suspension, etc.) are instantaneously delivered to TeleBreeze.

Service Wallet Expiration Time - Now each service wallet’s balance can have an expiration time and each top up extends (postpones) the expiration. It is possible to define various "added lifetime" values based on the top-up amount (e.g. as the amount increases, the wallet lifetime increases by 30, 60, 90, etc. days, as well).

Call Recording Storage in MP3 - This option is now available as an alternative to the .WAV format to save storage space and provide a better user experience when playing recordings on various devices.

Extended Call Control API - The PortaSIP API for CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) now supports advanced functions for call hold / transfer.

Call Trace of Abusive Calls - If a customer receives an abusive phone call they can dial a pre-defined code to record all relevant information about the call for use in further investigation by law enforcement or by a telecom operator.

Encrypted voucher PINs - To strengthen the security of pre-paid voucher inventory it is now possible to store a portion of the unique voucher code in an encrypted format (similar to how it is done for service access passwords) within the database. Therefore, even if there is unauthorized access to the database, the voucher data is useless without the encryption key.

Enhanced logs for PortaSIP Media Server - Log messages from PortaSIP internal components (e.g. mail processor for voicemails) are now displayed as a unified flow with SIP requests. This enables correct understanding of a sequence of events and communications among various elements that process the call.

Bandwidth-aware control of call volume - To avoid sound quality degradation when too many calls are sent via an Internet link (e.g. 32 concurrent calls using G.729 will fill a 1Mbps link, and adding just one more call negatively affects *all* calls), it is better to disallow any additional calls, which only overuse the bandwidth. When calculating the permitted number of calls, PortaSwitch now calculates the bandwidth used by each call (based on the codec used) and filters out calls made among extensions on the same site (when voice stream does not leave the site).

Enhanced "Apply Configuration" option - Now, when applying a new configuration of PortaSwitch, an administrator sees the list of all the options that differ between the current and the intended configuration. This permits a thorough understanding of the potential impact of a new configuration application.



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