18 August 2016

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 57

PortaOne announced availability of MR57-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR57 Highlights

  • Business Models / Account Roles
  • Individual pricing for DID numbers
  • Improved Internet Access Policies
  • Sound quality check IVR
  • CAMEL charging support
  • Multiple service packages for ZTE
  • Taxation parameters by reseller
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Business Models / Account Roles - In order to simplify customer management in a convergent environment, where different types of services (LTE/wireless data, IP Centrex, residential VoIP, MVNO, etc.) are provided, PortaBilling introduces two important new concepts.

  • Business model - This is the customer's property and defines which type of service the customer is using - e.g. IP Centrex subscriber service or MVNO "family" subscriber service with several individual phone lines. This model makes it possible to create different versions of self-care portals for different types of customers. It also enables better reporting and enhances data integrity by imposing a set of usage restrictions on accounts.
  • Account role - This defines what a specific account is designated for, i.e. whether the account represents a phone line, or a top-up voucher, or an IP address for SIP trunk authorization, etc. This makes it possible to reduce the occurrence of errors during product assignment (an account that is supposed to be for a phone line can only be assigned to a product that is designated for that; i.e. one cannot mistakenly pick a business SIP trunk product), and implement account ID validation (e.g. for a phone line - one can only pick a valid phone number as an account ID). This is a very important change as it simplifies data entry, ensures more efficient integrity checks and helps to create a future "context-aware" enhanced web GUI.

Individual pricing for DID numbers - An administrator can now set arbitrary activation / recurring cost parameters for individual DID numbers, thereby allowing for customized price adjustments and monetization for "easy to remember" phone numbers.

Improved Internet Access Policies - This web GUI for the management of Internet Access Policies is now extended and has the capability to manage vendor-specific parameters of Diameter communication and functionality, which in turn, allows for easy management of services provided on various network access elements such as SAE-GW for LTE.

Sound quality check IVR - This new IVR application allows end-users to make a recording and then immediately play it back to listen to it. This serves to quickly validate whether network connectivity, QoS settings and other of the end-user's connection parameters are ok, and at the same time, it greatly simplifies troubleshooting for sound quality problems.

CAMEL charging support - This release includes integration with the
CAMEL<->Diameter gateway by Protei to allow real-time charging for 2.5G / 3G / 4G mobile networks via CAMEL. This makes it possible for PortaBilling to be used as a B/OSS & OCS for any MVNE or MVNO.

Multiple service packages for ZTE - In LTE networks that are deployed with ZTE equipment, services for subscribers are activated based on a combination of PAKID values that have been assigned to a subscriber's profile in the HSS. Now, however, you may attach different PAKIDs (each representing a quota for different types of Internet traffic, bandwidth speed, etc.) to the add-on products in PortaBilling and can pick any combination you like, a la carte. Subscribers will be provisioned with the actual combination of PAKIDs.

Taxation parameters by reseller - Resellers may now manage their taxation parameters for Avalara / SureTax without the need for administrative involvement.



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