5 February 2016

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 53

PortaOne announced availability of MR53-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR53 Highlights

  • Discounts, quotas and service wallets
  • High-availability for presence / BLF
  • Media Encryption
  • Ringback tone generation
  • Relay of early-media
  • Fraud Prevention: spending plan
  • Extended xDRs for IP Centrex Calls
  • SIM Card Inventory
  • Tweaking PDF Invoice generation
  • xDR Mediation
  • Wholesale SMS service
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Discounts, quotas and service wallets - Functionality for automatic price adjustment and allotment has been separated into three distinct tools: volume discounts (adjusts prices depending on the volume of service consumed by customers), quotas (allocates a certain volume of free-of-charge services) and service wallets (confers the ability to transfer a balance to a sub-wallet designed for a particular type of service such as SMS or international calls).

High-availability for presence / BLF - The SIP subscription manager, a new component of the PortaSIP cluster, provides uninterrupted service in the case of a server outage. The enhanced architecture provides improved security and powerful new features, such as the ability to monitor the status of an extension for calls to a certain DID, or for any call (regardless of the actual DID used).

Media Encryption - In order to provide secure communication, PortaSIP now processes encrypted media streams (RTP) using SDES, DTLS or zRTP encryption methods. Flexible configuration options (part of a service policy) permit the administrator to fine-tune the desired behavior. For instance, to guarantee full privacy, PortaSIP may transmit encrypted content between phones as-is. Or another frequent scenario is that PortaSIP becomes part of the encryption / decryption chain; this permits the playing music-on-hold and other media announcements that have been generated on the PortaSIP side.

Ringback tone generation - In case a remote gateway fails to generate a ring-back tone (this may happen because of a misconfiguration or overload on the carrier side), PortaSIP can detect it and generate its own ring-back tone, thereby providing a "normal" experience for the end-user.

Relay of early-media - Starting with this release, PortaSIP supports the relaying of early media for transferred calls including scenarios for when a call transfer is performed from within an auto-attendant menu.

Fraud Prevention: spending plan - A spending plan defines the daily amount of money that a customer can spend on services. PortaBilling tracks the customer's daily charges and if a spending limit is reached after the end of session, automatically suspends the customer's subsequent attempts to use the services. This allows service providers to minimize their losses from fraudulent events.

Extended xDRs for IP Centrex Calls - xDRs are now populated with additional data which allows them to obtain information about the actions of particular extensions during "complex" calls, i.e. calls that consist of several call legs such as call transfer, call forwarding, etc.

SIM Card Inventory - It is now possible to store and manage SIM cards in the SIM card inventory for MVNOs, LTE service providers or for full-scale mobile operators.

Tweaking PDF Invoice generation - With this release it is possible to control whether PDF file invoices are generated as part of a billing run (invoices are delivered quickly, but a billing run takes longer), some time later, based on resource availability (so the billing run is completed as soon as possible and PDF file invoices are generated a day or two after that) or do not automatically generate PDF files at all (a file will only be generated if a user explicitly requests it).

xDR Mediation - This is a powerful new tool that replaces the legacy xDR Importer and significantly enhances the process of importing CDRs from an external system. It permits the user to easily program custom data transformation modules, process unlimited numbers of CDR sources, see the list of processed CDR files and view the statistics plus re-run the CDR import if any adjustments need to be made.

Wholesale SMS service - With the addition of real-time routing support for multiple SMPP carriers, service providers can now use PortaSwitch as a platform to deliver not only wholesale voice services, but also wholesale SMS services.

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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