17 December 2015

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 52

PortaOne announced availability of MR52-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR52 Highlights

  • Measured Services
  • Billing by the number of SIP trunks
  • Billing by the number of active calls
  • IVR Application Management
  • IPTV VAS Provisioning
  • Enhanced SIP Log Search
  • DID Overview per Customer
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Measured Services - This release introduces the ability to measure, store and produce graphs for the consumption parameters (e.g. number of active calls) for a given period. This advances a fundamentally new way for charging customers: instead of charging for individual billing events (e.g. voice calls), customers can be charged based on the min / max / average value for the entire period (e.g. if at any time during the month the "soft" limit of 100 active calls is exceeded, $10 is charged for each call above that limit). The set of measurable parameters currently includes categories such as "number of active calls" and "number of allowed SIP trunks" and will expand with each new release to include parameters such as "disk spaces occupied by call recordings," etc. This opens new revenue opportunities for PortaOne customers and allows them to create innovative product portfolios.

Billing by the number of SIP trunks - This feature utilizes the measured services framework that is mentioned above. An administrator can define the pricing per individual trunk, whether the charging is done based on average or maximum value as well as the amount of free trunks to be included in the standard recurring fee. Then the system automatically monitors the number of permitted outgoing calls (set via Service Configuration) and periodically records the current value. Both customer and administrator can access statistics and graphs at any time. At the end of the billing period the customer is automatically charged based on consumption. This greatly simplifies the billing process for the SIP trunking service and eliminates the risk of revenue leakage.

Billing by the number of active calls - This innovative charging schema increases revenue for SIP trunking and for wholesale VoIP services, where per-minute revenue is usually low. In addition to setting up a "hard" limit of CPS and concurrent calls (designed to protect the system from unauthorized bursts of traffic), a service provider may set a "soft" limit on concurrent calls that define the "planned" consumption. The maximum number of connected calls is then recorded throughout the month and the customer is charged for each call over that limit. This encourages the sale of subscriptions for higher "soft" call limits, which, in turn, increases revenue and encourages better planning for capacity.

IVR Application Management - Since the majority of IVR applications use multiple access numbers (e.g. conference application may have toll-free, local and international access numbers), an administrator can now easily add / remove access numbers as attributes of the IVR application entity. It is also possible to copy and paste long lists of access numbers or pick available ones from the DID inventory. In addition, an IVR application can be "split" in two, resulting in some access numbers being relocated to a new application.

IPTV VAS Provisioning - Aside from TV channel packages it is now possible to provision value-added services such as DVR or access to the VoD catalog, etc. as part of a customer's service configuration within PortaBilling®. Access to these features within IPTV is then enabled / disabled during regular service provisioning.

Enhanced SIP Log Search - PortaSIP® logs are now stored in the central database (ElasticSearch storage and analytics engine). This allows the performance of advanced log searches based on an originating end-point's IP address, CLI (ANI) and CLD (DNIS) as well as with a vendor / model of the originating end-point (User-Agent SIP header).

DID Overview per Customer - A dedicated section of the customer information screen permits immediate overviews of all DIDs allocated to a customer plus their associated recurring fees.



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