15 June 2015

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 48

PortaOne announced availability of MR48-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR48 Highlights

  • New OS version
  • Acrobits mobile app provisioning
  • Service commitments charging
  • Invoice balance adjustments
  • Multiple balance reminders
  • Phone auto-provisioning
  • Additional options for resellers
  • Updated LERG database
  • Unified PBX feature codes
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

New OS version - PortaSwitch now uses Oracle Enterprise Linux version 7.1, which provides improved performance, enhanced security and support for new hardware. The upgrade is done via the PortaSwitch software management framework, so it is entirely seamless for PortaSwitch customers and no manual actions (e.g. console operations) are required on their part.

Acrobits mobile app provisioning - service providers who use Acrobits Cloud Softphone, a popular mobile app for voice / video calls and messaging, can streamline new customer acquisition and provisioning. Using a combination of PortaSwitch auto-provisioning API and the Acrobits cloud service, the app is automatically fully configured - user need only scan the QR code displayed at the end of the sign-up process.

Service commitments charging - bundle promotion module has been expanded with a new option that allows the implementation of "guaranteed service consumption" agreements with customers. The commitment amount can be set to any desired value (e.g. $500). So if a customer consumes less than the full amount of service within any period (e.g. the voice call total only comes to $230), then the unconsumed amount ($270) will be added to the bill anyway (so the bill will total $500).

Invoice balance adjustments - in order to simplify the resolution of disputed charges it is now possible to adjust the outstanding balance of an invoice (without actual invoice recalculation and regeneration). This permits the customer to quickly see the correct updated balance due so he can remit payment. This is especially useful if there is any unresolved disputed charge from several months ago (several invoices have since been produced).

Multiple balance reminders - administrator can set up multiple reminders to be sent out as a customer's balance approaches the threshold whereby their service will be blocked. Notifications can be generated when the balance crosses over a percentage of the available credit limit (e.g. 80%, 90% and 95%), or when it reaches an absolute value (e.g. $150, $175 and $190). This eliminates the possibility that notification would be overlooked or ignored.

Phone auto-provisioning - this release adds auto-provisioning capabilities for the Grandstream GXP1160, GXP1165, GXV3275, HT701 and HT704 IP phones.

Additional options for resellers - resellers (of all levels) are now authorized to create their own customer classes and subscription plans. The service provisioning process has been simplified for resellers who operate in a multi-currency environment: now they can clone existing products into another currency and all rates are automatically converted using a desirable exchange rate.

Updated LERG database - PortaBilling now provides tools for service providers to easily upload updated files of the LERG database that they receive from their data supplier (such as Telcordia). These files are used for number portability, etc. in the US.

Unified PBX feature codes - all feature codes (key combinations to be dialed from a phone to access a particular feature such as group pickup or call park) are now gathered on one configuration screen as part of the customer's dialing rule definition. Being able to view all of the available feature access codes at one time makes managing them much simpler and provides quick visual access for checking which codes are assigned to which customer.

You can access more detailed information about these changes in the PortaSwitch New Features Guide.

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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