21 April 2015

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 47

PortaOne announced availability of MR47-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR47 Highlights

  • PortaSIP cluster
  • IP Centrex for incoming calls to mobile
  • Ability to top-up vouchers via external system
  • Enhanced ANI management
  • Routed network provisioning for Internet access
  • Promotion service discount
  • Enhanced reseller capabilities
  • Default ACL override
  • Callshop improvements
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

PortaSIP cluster - This release features the long-awaited expansion of PortaSIP cluster functionality, allowing you to provide high-availability communication services such as hosted IP PBX, residential VoIP and mobile app calling. Your clients may use any type of end-point (IP phone, ATA, mobile app, etc.) which can be on a public IP or behind NAT, and the full range of IP Centrex functionality such as call transfer, music on hold, etc. is also available. The cluster provides a single entry IP (shared on two front-end servers to ensure its continual availability) for all customers and carriers, which means that client configuration is significantly simplified. All requests can then be load-balanced among the back-end servers, so scaling up your network is extremely easy.

IP Centrex for incoming calls to mobile - When a call is answered on mobile phone instead of desktop IP phone, end-users can now perform attendant transfers of calls by entering a combination on the phone's keypad. Previously, for forwarded calls end-users could only answer their phones and talk. So this functionality realizes fixed-mobile-convergence operations such as "transfer the call to my colleague's extension" or "forward to hunt-group."

Ability to top-up vouchers via external system - A customer can recharge their balance using a voucher which is generated and sold by your partner; PortaBilling will perform a remote API call to the external system, validate the voucher and top-up the balance. This enables you to vastly expand your sale network via supermarket chains, etc.

Enhanced ANI management - Service providers can now choose how their PINless customers use their newly purchased prepaid card. As an alternative to topping-up an existing account, customers can simply move their ANI to the new card (thus leave the balance of the old card intact).

Routed network provisioning for Internet access - In order to maintain large corporate customers who have multi-IP networks or autonomous systems, it is possible to provision their route assignment via the PortaBilling web interface which then automatically propagates to NAS when the customer connects.

Promotion service discount - Bundle promotions now support a "conditional service credit," i.e. if a customer consumes more than $25 in voice call services, he is given a discount of up to $5 on his consumption of SMS services (so if he only uses $2 in SMSs, the actual discount is $2).

Enhanced reseller capabilities - Sub-resellers now have access to the IP device inventory, an invoice template designer and the ability to auto-generate their selling rates as a markup onto their buying rates.

Default ACL override - The owner of the system may override standard PortaBilling ACLs for some virtual environments; this ensures that certain functions will be hidden from admins or customers within that environment. This is important for hosted PortaSwitch providers so that they control access to "premium" features.

Callshop improvements - Callshop reseller GUI has been extended with the ability to open the operator's console (which enables viewing and control of booths, seeing currently active calls, etc.) and obtain access to specialized reports.

You can access more detailed information about these changes in the PortaSwitch New Features Guide.

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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