6 March 2015

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 46

This week, at the Mobile World Congress '15 in Barcelona, PortaOne presented the latest version of PortaSwitch, a unified communication service platform for VoIP, WiMAX / LTE, IPTV operators and MVNOs.

MR46 Highlights

  • Real-time SMS routing
  • Multi-level resellers
  • Improved SMS rating
  • DID calls delivery to PBX
  • Number Portability Service
  • Improved DID management and charging
  • Token-based credit card processing
  • Product Groups
  • Web Access Security
  • Balance Policy Management
  • Account Expiration upon Inactivity
  • Token-based API authentication for applications
Here is a brief summary of the most important changes taking place:

Real-time SMS routing - PortaSwitch can now be used as a full-fledged wholesale SMS processing platform, where messages are collected from customers (end-users, contact centers or SMS aggregators) and then delivered to a recipient. Least-cost routing across multiple outgoing SMS carriers is supported; an automatic fail-over between carriers is performed so that messages are delivered even if a carrier fails. This opens up new market and revenue opportunities for PortaOne customers.

Multi-level resellers - resellers can now create sub-resellers, and they, in turn, can create their own sub-resellers - continuing with a virtually unlimited number of levels. Each reseller can customize his product offering, prices and sign-up customers. This allows for the straightforward creation of networks of resellers and thereby, for gaining access to vast numbers of end-users.

Improved SMS rating - by using PortaSwitch, you can allow subscribers to easily send (via SMPP) and receive (via SIP IM) SMS from a mobile app or a communication client. Thus, subscribers of the same service provider can communicate without messages having to traverse the mobile network; the costs for the service provider are eliminated and therefore the service provider has the option of applying reduced pricing to end-users. This also allows a service provider to apply special pricing for messages between users of the same enterprise customer.

DID calls delivery to PBX - if a PBX resides on a public IP address or behind a NAT then SIP URI forwarding is not applicable. It is possible for a PBX to register a single account to PortaSwitch and thereby automatically route incoming calls to a customer's DID via the dynamically updated location information of that account.

Number Portability Service - a service provider can now perform port-in / port-out operations directly from the unified PortaBilling web UI. The actual number porting is done via the Neustar number porting service which PortaBilling is now integrated with.

Improved DID management and charging - service providers can apply more flexible DID pricing schemes. DID pricing (either free or whatever the markup may be) is defined by a DID batch; an operator can separate DIDs into various batches and apply different pricing to each. This way the same customer can utilize DIDs that are charged for differently. In addition, the customer may self-provision for new DIDs.

Token-based credit card processing - this mode, when a credit card is stored on the payment processor side and not in PortaBilling, has now been implemented for two popular payment processors: Authorize.Net and Payment Express. This means that operators may collect payments using credit cards without the need for PCI DSS certification, so time-to-market and operation expenses are significantly reduced.

Product Groups - for better product management, they can now be split into product groups. This is especially convenient for the self-care portal, where a long list of potentially available add-ons can be separated into relevant categories.

Web Access Security - to further improve the overall security of your PortaSwitch system you may now restrict access to the PortaSwitch web UI to a particular IP address or networks. Each user can have a different access list, which will prevent unauthorized access to the PortaSwitch system even if a user's access credentials have been compromised.

Balance Policy Management - in order to prevent service fraud / abuse or revenue leakage, you can now control how administrators make changes to customer balances or credit limits. Each user can be assigned per-transaction and per-day limits on the amount of credits he / she can issue; also, there is tighter control over how much a user can temporarily increase a customer's credit limit.

Account Expiration upon Inactivity - to encourage active service consumption and allow the automated clean-up of "dormant" accounts it is possible to schedule account expiration if the service is not used during more than some given number of days.

Token-based API authentication for applications - to further enhance security, an external application that accesses PortaSwitch via API can be provided with an API access token instead of with a username and password. This ensures that access credentials are only used for API access (and not for web UI access); also, the token is not subject to the password expiration policy - so it does not have to be updated as frequently.

PortaOne will organize a webcast to discuss all the new functionality of our recently launched releases (MR44, MR45 and MR46) during the second half of March - so please follow our announcements!

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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