24 December 2014

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 45

PortaOne announced availability of MR45-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

Maintenance release 45 is a long-life release (PortaOne will support it by issuing 6 builds during 2015 for this long-life release - as opposed to just 1 build for an ordinary leap-forward release). In order to simplify the migration for PortaOne customers who move from one long-life release to another (e.g. from MR40 to MR45) it was decided to not add any new major features, improvements or changes in its functionality. This release mostly contains enhancements to features introduced in the earlier releases, minor improvements and bug fixes.

MR45 Highlights

  • Long-life release
  • Add-on:subscription mapping
  • Type for DID batch
  • Automated email copy to administrators
  • Warning for volume discount usage
  • Self-care Portal improvements

Link between add-on products and subscriptions - in order to simplify the management of add-on products and the recurring fees for such products, it is now required that each add-on either not include any subscription plans (a free offer) or be associated with exactly one subscription plan. The product configuration GUI has been redesigned to easily view and alter subscription information for a given product.

Automated email copy to administrators - in addition to being able to receive copies of alerts / notifications sent to a particular customer, the administrator can now subscribe to receive a copy of a specific notification sent to any customer of a particular customer class. This allows for effortless processing of important events (e.g. a failed automated payment via credit card) without having to manually edit each customer's information.

Warning for volume discount usage - this notification is sent when a customer is about to reach the end of his free minutes / download quota, so the customer can plan accordingly and purchase additional minutes.

Enhanced IPTV provisioning - customer's access to pay-per-view, video on demand and promotional channel is now controlled from PortaBilling GUI along with the list of available channel packages.

Type for DID batch - Two distinct types of batches containing DID numbers were introduced. The "free" batch is used for grouping together DIDs that do not have any direct cost associated with them; the "markup" batch implies that a customer who owns DIDs from this batch will be charged based on the actual DID cost to you. This simplifies DID management and permits DIDs to be provided free of charge. The ones that customers are charged for are clearly separated.

Self-care Portal Improvements

  • Portuguese language - PortaSwitch self-care portal for customers is now available in Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Improved presentation on the current volume discount counters / quotas. The redesigned GUI is focused on allowing a quick understanding of the current status of the quota: how many free minutes do I have remaining? When do I renew the minutes? What is my download allowance? Etc.
  • When an administrator logs in "as end-user", he / she can decide if it should be done with the current ACL of the end-user (then the administrator can see exactly what an end-user sees) or with a standard ACL (then the administrator can perform certain tasks that are prohibited by the current ACL)

You can access more detailed information about these changes in the PortaSwitch New Features Guide.

Please contact the PortaOne support team to schedule an update.

Happy Holidays!



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