5 November 2014

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 44

PortaOne announced availability of MR44-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR44 Highlights

  • New OS version
  • Bulk subscription charging
  • Redesigned Call Queue configuration
  • Enhanced volume discount presentation
  • Auto-attendant as a value-added feature
  • Restriction for add-on self-management
  • New supported IP phones
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

New OS version - PortaSwitch now uses Oracle Enterprise Linux version 7, which provides support for new hardware, improved performance and enhanced security. Upgrade is done via the PortaSwitch software management framework, so it is entirely seamless for PortaSwitch customers and no manual actions (e.g. console operations) are required on their part.

Bulk subscription charging - you can now encourage your customers to take advantage of being invoiced once for an extended period of service (e.g. 12 months) in return for a better per-month rate (e.g. $102 for a 12-month period versus $10/per month provides a 15% savings). The administrator has full control over our products, where this option will be available, what the "bulk" periods are and how much discount will be offered. This increases your revenue and provides additional cash for expanding your business since end-users will receive fewer invoices (e.g. one invoice per year compared to 12).

Redesigned Call Queue configuration - call queue management has been moved from the "old" UM web portal to the new unified self-care portal. Besides having an improved user interface there are also functional enhancements:

  • Call queues are simply linked to an existing huntgroup, so operations such as "adding a new member to the sales team" only need to be done in one place.
  • Call queues are controlled at the "main" level of the customer's IP Centrex configuration (along with extensions, huntgroups, etc.). This saves time if the same call queue has to be referenced from more than one auto-attendant.

Enhanced volume discount presentation - the GUI for displaying the current status of a volume discount (i.e. data transfer quota, bundled free minutes, etc.) has been improved and now reflects the information in an easy-to-understand format, especially for situations when multiple discount plans are applied simultaneously. This applies to both the administrator interface and the customer self-care portal.

Auto-attendant as a value-added feature - starting from this release, the voicemail and auto-attendant features are implemented as separate service features in PortaSwitch®. So now you have better control over bundling these features with products or offering them as add-ons (e.g. voicemail is a standard feature for a phone line in IP Centrex, but the auto-attendant has to be purchased separately).

Restriction for add-on self-management - administrators can now use the Allow Self-care Sign-up option to explicitly select add-on products that the end-user will be able to view on the self-care portal. This allows for the use of "internal" add-ons without confusing the end-user or requiring that certain add-ons can only be added after a consultation with a customer service representative.

New supported IP phones - Auto-provisioning has been implemented for Yealink T19, T21, T41, T42, T46, T48 and W52P IP phones.

You can access more detailed information about these changes in the PortaSwitch New Features Guide.

Please contact the PortaOne support team to schedule an update.



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