14 April 2014

New features of PortaSwitch MR40, the newest leap-forward release delivered last week

PortaOne announced availability of MR40-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR40 Highlights

  • New PortaSIP Media Server
  • Add-on Products
  • Password encryption
  • Cloning of subscriptions
  • Duplicate subscriptions
  • Self-care portal for resellers
  • Auto-provisioning for new IP phone models
  • Extended API
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

New PortaSIP Media Server - this new media server uses the same code-base and components as the PortaSIP switching server, has a notably higher-performance RTP proxy and boasts flexible call processing using the Python code. This allows for a more than 100% increase in the amount of IVR sessions that can be handled by a single server. The unified code base simplifies further maintenance tasks and reduces development time for new functionality. This new media server provides API methods for call control, so that creating custom IVR scripts becomes an easy task for third-party developers.

Add-on Products - Maintenance Release 40 contains further enhancements to add-on product functionality and the GUI used to manage them (e.g. an interactive wizard that verifies and applies new product configurations).

Password encryption - stores service passwords (those used by SIP phones, etc. to access the network) within the database in an encrypted format that prevents the leakage of sensitive information in the unlikely event, for example, of an unauthorized person gaining access to the database. Encryption keys are distributed directly to application servers (e.g. the PortaBilling billing engine), making it impossible to obtain them or other database information. A powerful encryption algorithm is used (AES-256-CBC); every password is encrypted using a random "salt" string - thereby making it impossible for pre-calculated tables that use "brute force" password speculation to be used, thus the time and computing resources required to "crack" a password are beyond being reasonably accessible. This significantly improves the overall security of PortaSwitch installations.

Cloning of subscriptions - in order to simplify day-to-day operations for a service provider, where multiple products are offered to consumers, it is possible to "clone" subscription plans as a part of the "clone product" operation.

Duplicate subscriptions - in order to address frequent business scenarios, where an administrator prefers to use PortaBilling to automatically charge a customer for additional services (e.g. hosting space rental), it is now possible to apply the same subscription plan to the same customer multiple times. This allows for the combination of several instances of the same subscription plan for a given customer and thereby simplifies system operations, since the overall number of required billing entities is reduced.

Self-care portal for resellers - resellers are now able to use their self-care GUI on a dedicated virtual host. Besides having a better naming convention (making it possible to maintain a separate URL such as "partner.mytelecom.net") this offers additional features (such as "auto-login as customer") that were previously not available on the "unified" portal.

Auto-provisioning for new IP phone models - auto-provisioning is now supported for Fanvil E52, F52, E58, C58, E62 and C62 phones.

Extended API - The PortaBilling XML/JSON API has been extended with methods for access to the information about add-on products; destinations; destination group sets and destination groups; customer classes; and call handling rules.



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