30 July 2013

PortaOne Delivers New Features in PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 35

PortaOne announced availability of MR35-0, the newest version of PortaSwitch, communication services delivery platform.

MR35 Highlights

  • LTE Services Provisioning/Rating
  • Improved Balance Announcements
  • Simplified Administration of Dial-by-name Directory
  • Revert Transaction Invisibly
The most important improvements in the functionality include:

LTE Services Provisioning/Rating

PortaBilling can serve as the B/OSS system for LTE services, i.e. it manages customer data (including unified balance), service configuration details, product/rate tables, and so on for LTE just like for other services (VoIP or DSL Internet access). This allows the creation of a truly convergent environment and easy migration of existing customers (e.g. using WiMAX service) to the LTE network.

In terms of the network, PortaBilling performs the function of an OCS (Online Charging System). It communicates with SAE-GW via Diameter (Gy) for real-time session authorization and rating. PortaBilling can also provision customer data into HSS (to allow centralized user authentication across the network) and PCRF (to allocate the correct policy/QoS parameters to the customer).

Improved Balance Announcements

You can configure your IVR applications to announce the current balance in one of two modes:

  • For prepaid customers (those who have a credit limit of 0 or less), announce "available funds" (calculated as credit limit minus balance) and announce the current balance for others (postpaid customers);
  • Always announce balance (this is the classic mode, ideal for typical postpaid customers).

The improved IVR logic allows you to fully utilize customer self-management and reduce the load on your helpdesk/customer care while expanding your business into both the postpaid and prepaid communication service space simultaneously.

Simplified Administration of Dial-by-name Directory

Now there is a single, unified dial-by-name directory for each IP Centrex environment. Basically it is linked to the list of extensions, and so when creating an extension you can mark it as "published" so that it is included in the dial-by-name directory, and upload voice prompts with the person’s name.

The integration of the extensions list and the dial-by-name directory will save time for administrators of IP Centrex environments where multiple DID numbers or auto-attendants are used, since the data only need to be edited once.

Revert Transaction Invisibly

The new "Revert Transaction" option allows you to correct an erroneous charge in such way that (from the end-user point of view) "it has never happened":

  • It creates a transaction record (xDR), with a negative amount exactly corresponding to the original one, so the overall change of the customer’s balance is zero.
  • It marks both the original and the correction xDR as "hidden", so the end user will not see them on his invoice or web self-care portal.
  • At the same time, both xDRs remain in the database, so they are properly reflected in various accounting reports and the like.
Auto-provisioning for New Models of IP Phones

The list of IP phones which are auto-provisioned by PortaSwitch® has been extended to include the Yealink T32G and Yealink T38G IP phone.

Integration with Luottokunta Payment Processor

PortaSwitch® is integrated with the Luottokunta payment processor allowing your customers to make payments using their VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards. Luottokunta is an "external authorization" payment processor, so that when making a payment user is redirected to the external Luottokunta web page where he enters credit card information. After the payment is processed by Luottokunta, the end user is redirected back to their self-care portal where they can view the payment confirmation.

This enables one very important advantage of the Luottokunta payment processor: since the credit card details are entered on an external website (which belongs to Luottokunta), the service provider does not have to pass through PCI DSS certification (since he never deals directly with credit card numbers). This allows you to launch the service quickly, without any delays or administrative overhead related to security certification.

Web Self-care Password Change Notification

In order to improve the security of online access to the self-care portal, every time the access password is changed for an administrator, account, customer or reseller an alert is sent to them via email and/or SMS. Just like all other notifications, the actual message content is generated based on a template, and can be edited by the administrator.



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