15 September 2017

PortaOne to Announce New B/OSS and Softswitch Release (MR65)

mr_65_logo PortaOne is glad to introduce another
long-life Maintenance Release 65.
Though it is mostly aimed at enhancing
the overall system stability and usability,
it also presents the following new features.

MR65 Highlights

  • Full MVNO solution with PortaBilling® and Protei HLR/HSS and PCRF
  • Bypass menu prompts to reach extensions and call queues
  • ACL redesign
  • API dispatcher for a dual-version PortaSwitch
  • Incoming call delivery during ZDU
  • New web GUI pages

Full MVNO solution with PortaBilling® and Protei HLR/HSS and PCRF – The joint operation of PortaBilling® as the B/OSS and OCS and Protei HLR/HSS and PCRF enables wireless operators interested in becoming full MVNO/MVNE to meet the requirements of their host MNOs in terms of core network elements implementation. The user and service management is done in PortaBilling® which then synchronizes subscriber information with Protei HLR / HSS, and policy / service quality parameters with Protei PCRF. The dedicated Mobile Network Provisioning service defined within the product triggers the synchronization and enables differentiation between mobile and other services provided. As a result, full MVNO/MVNEs achieve more autonomy from the host MNO.

Bypass menu prompts to reach extensions and call queues – Administrators can now reduce the waiting time for callers by automatically placing them into a queue after they reach their company’s number and / or enabling them to dial an extension directly, without an IVR context. This improves customer experience and enables service providers to expand their IP Centrex clientele to include businesses of different sizes and spheres of activity.

ACL redesign – The new concept of user roles with a predefined set of permissions simplifies management of access to system components for different types of users by your administrators. Roles are presented on the web interface as a resource tree that contains main entities, their parameter panels and permissions. For more sophisticated setup, use the advanced mode to fine-tune access per every panel option. This new security system is available on the new web GUI though, it perfectly coordinates with already existing access level lists defined for your active users.

API dispatcher for a dual-version PortaSwitch – The API dispatcher and the shared registry of customer records activated for a dual-version PortaSwitch enables administrators to perform customer migration gradually and smoothly. The API dispatcher unites both systems and provides the single API entry point for external applications; the shared customer record registry serves to uniquely identify them within the dual-version PortaSwitch. This results in correct processing of API requests by the responsible system based on the user’s realm and location and requires no reconfiguration of existing applications.

Incoming call delivery during ZDU – To smoothen the system update for the administrator, the dispatching SBC now mediates call and registration requests from user devices to the active site during ZDU. It opens and supports NAT tunnels from user devices to PortaSwitch sites and delivers calls to the required user regardless whether their device has already re-registered with the active site or not. This ensures uninterrupted service availability for users regardless of their devices’ location within the system.

New web GUI pages – As of now administrators can manage such services as Volume discount plans, Bundle promotions on the new web GUI and organize products into groups. We value your feedback about your experience with the new GUI pages and use it to generate further improvements.



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