14 April 2017

PortaOne webinar: PortaSwitch in a public cloud and other recently added features

With newer releases MR60 and 61 already out and MR62 about to be released, many important enhancements have been added to PortaSwitch®’s functionality and our team is excited to share the details with you!

On Tuesday, April 25th and Thursday, April 27th, PortaOne will conduct two online webcasts for PortaBilling® and PortaSwitch® users – and anyone else interested in PortaOne’s new solutions and developments for carriers, MVNOs, ISPs and telecommunication service providers.

Additionally, each webinar will include a live Q&A session, wherein PortaOne staff will be available to answer questions that you and other participants submit.

The highlights of the presentation include:

  • A new option to run PortaSwitch® in a public cloud. This can provide reduced maintenance costs plus the ability to easily deploy additional sites for enhanced operation, such as geo-redundancy, zero-downtime updates, etc.
  • The dual-version PortaSwitch® system and its use for gradually migrating from the MR50 / MR55 releases to the latest releases
  • An introduction to the new admin web GUI
  • Service pools: quota / balance allocations across multiple services
  • A custom ring-back tone
  • Real-time charging for North America CDMA networks via the BroadForward WIN<->Diameter convertor
  • Balance / quota transfers between customers
  • Roadmaps / future plans

The webcasts will be co-hosted by:

  Andriy Zhylenko, CTO

Mike Kidik, VP of Project Management

We are presenting these two webinars to accommodate PortaOne customers in 60+ countries and a variety of time zones – so please check the available times below and pick the one which best suits you.

- Eastern Hemisphere. April 25th, 2017.
8:00 am - UTC;
9:00 am - London, Lagos;
10:00 am  - Western / Central Europe;
10:00 am - Johannesburg;
11:00 am  - Eastern Europe;
12:00 pm - Dubai;
4:00 pm - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur;
6:00 pm - Sydney

- Western Hemisphere. April 27th, 2017.
9:00 am - Pacific time;
11:00 am - Mexico City, Bogota;
12:00 pm - Eastern time;
4:00 pm - UTC;
1:00 pm - Brazil;
5:00 pm - London, Lagos;
6:00 pm - Western / Central Europe

You can access the webinar via the following link:


We look forward to your attendance!



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