29 September 2015

PortaOne team announces its milestone 50th maintenance release (MR50-0)

PortaOne team announces its milestone 50th maintenance release (MR50-0). Since this is a long-life release - improved stability and serious performance improvements took precedence over new features.

MR50 Highlights

  • Increased performance
  • Bitcoin payment support
  • Sprint PCS interop certification
  • Farsi language support
  • Pre-paid customers with subscriptions
  • Additional empowerment for resellers
  • IP phone auto-provisioning

Increased performance - according to the latest benchmarking done by PortaOne QA team, a single PortaBilling node can process up to 250 call initiations per second in "CDR rating" mode (no authorization, just rating) and more than 100 call initiations per second in "full" scenario (when call authorization and routing calculation are performed; both start and stop accounting are processed).
This increases the anticipated call capacity of standard PortaBilling (assuming industry-standard traffic patterns) to 12,500 concurrent calls and the call processing capacity of PortaBilling Oracularius to 35,000 concurrent calls (with real-time authorization and routing) and up 100,000 concurrent calls in "CDR rating" scenario!

Bitcoin payment support - end users may now refill their balance using bitcoin crypto-currency. In conjunction with the highest level of operational security with PortaSwitch, this opens up an opportunities for a truly private communication service - very much in market demand these days. If you followed the news about Ashley Madison hack - you know how devastating security breach may be.

Sprint PCS interop certification - PortaBilling has successfully passed the interoperabilty test as the OCS to be used for real-time charging of 4G / LTE services, provided on Sprint network. This confirms the proper implementation of IMS charging (Diameter Gy) on the PortaBilling side and opens up an opportunity for PortaOne customers to become MVNOs (with Sprint or other 4G operators around the world).

Farsi language support - PortaSIP media server now fully supports IVR in Farsi for all types of applications (prepaid calling, account self-management, voicemail, etc.)

Pre-paid customers with subscriptions - this new feature offers an elegant solution to the conundrum of "splitting" the pre-paid customer's balance between monthly fees and usage charges (e.g., international calls). Recurring fees (subscriptions) are automatically charged to the credit card on file. This grants access to "bundled" features (e.g., free domestic minutes). At any time, the customer may top up the balance to be used for pay-as-you-go services such as international calls.

Additional empowerment for resellers - Resellers are now given the ability to manage their own Internet access policies, geo-risk profiles and number porting requests.

IP phone auto-provisioning - auto-provisioning has been implemented for the following models of IP phones:

  • RCA Telefield IP110, IP160 and IP170
  • Yealink T19P E2

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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