4 May 2010

Maintenance Release 21 Introduces New Clustered Architecture to PortaSwitch Procinctus

MR21 Provides New Capacity and Redundancy to PortaSwitch Procinctus, PortaOne’s Ultimate Telecom Services and Subscriber Management Product.

PortaSwitch Procinctus, PortaOne’s ultimate high capacity telecommunications services and subscriber management software platform, has gained a completely redesigned and fully clustered architecture. The new architecture, made possible by PortaOne’s Maintenance Release 21 (MR21), places the business critical elements of the system in a cluster that runs in parallel on multiple servers.

PortaSwitch Procinctus, PortaOne’s premier infrastructure product, enables carriers and service providers to unify voice, data, fax, content, SMS, and Internet traffic within a single converged network. The platform is the highest combination of all available PortaOne products and technologies, built around a comprehensive, converged VoIP billing software platform. Together, these components achieve a maximum level of performance and reliability.

Previously, PortaSwitch Procinctus distributed the various billing engine functions (e.g., authorization, registration, and routing control) among multiple dedicated servers in order to leverage the power of several machines and boost overall performance. The new clustering architecture delivers exceptional redundancy of these essential functions; in addition, transparent load-sharing increases the capacity level of the whole system.

In addition to PortaSIP (Class 4 and 5 softswitch) and PortaUM (unified messaging and IVR platform) that already run in cluster on multiple servers in parallel as a part of PortaSwitch Procinctus, MR21 introduces the RADIUS billing cluster, an exact replica of the architecture implemented in PortaOne’s high-end PortaBilling Oracularius product.

With VoIP adoption growing exponentially in worldwide, the need for world-class durability, scalability and failover protection has become a prime requirement. The introduction of MR21, and a new clustering architecture, to PortaSwitch Procinctus accomplishes this”

Andriy Zhylenko, chief technical officer for PortaOne.

Previously, the distributed architecture of PortaBilling100 Advanced included seven servers, with specific functions attributed to each: master and standby master servers; registration and authorization servers; Web server; and two dedicated database servers. The redesigned clustered architecture of PortaBilling100 Advanced in the new PortaSwitch Procinctus consists of three closely integrated segments:

  • Three servers in the RADIUS billing cluster that ensures no service outage in case one of the servers fails
  • Three database servers: a master DB, a standby DB for operational redundancy, and the replica DB for data redundancy and data processing for statistics and reporting
  • A Web server to provide the service provisioning interface for administration as well as customer self-care pages


As in the older version, PortaSwitch Procinctus also includes two PortaSIP servers and two PortaUM servers with a PortaBridge. PortaSIP and PortaUM servers can run in a cluster, creating an unbreakable redundancy setup or be used for load balancing.

The configuration server, a new MR21 addition to all PortaSwitch installations, is a single point for managing and upgrading the whole PortaSwitch Procinctus set up. It is also used as a logging storage to remove the analytical task loads from the servers directly involved in the operational processes.

PortaOne offers the upgrade to MR21 to its customers as a part of PortaCare at no additional cost. For more information about new redesigned architecture of PortaSwitch Procinctus please contact PortaOne team.



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