12 September 2008

PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 18

This is an official announcement of PortaSwitch Maintenance Release 18.

PortaOne support team now starts installing it to the staging systems of selected clients. Please contact support to schedule the update of your system.

Below is a short summary of the new features available in the MR18:


  • Support for "email" account IDs - To simplify deployment of converged communication services, where the same ID is used for email, instant messaging and calls, PortaBilling now supports the use of an email address instead of an E.164 number for SIP services. Such IDs can now be employed for services where users were previously limited to a "phone number", e.g. a forwarding list in the follow-me configuration.
  • Service configuration in product - With MR18 you gain the ability to specify default service configuration parameters as part of a product's definition. This allows you to apply the same settings (e.g. maximum bandwidth, availability of unified communications service, etc.) for all accounts that have this product.
  • Mass change of subscription plans - If you decide to change the mandatory subscriptions included in a certain product, you can now propagate changes to all accounts with this product in a single click.
  • Routing to domain name - You can now specify the domain address of the gateway/proxy in the outgoing connection configuration, and PortaSwitch will dynamically resolve it to the IP address.
  • New and improved monitoring system - The new system includes an extended set of monitoring probes, enabling you to monitor not just system parameters like CPU load or disk space, but also PortaBilling-specific functionalities such as the execution of periodic tasks. The monitoring system provides advanced control over various alerts via a web GUI. This enables easy, efficient supervision of all aspects of PortaSwitch operations by PortaOne staff. (The new monitoring system will also be made available to customers running PortaSwitch releases MR16 and MR17.)
  • Provisioning bandwidth allocation - Available bandwidth for data transfer services (such as WiFi) can now be controlled via the PortaBilling web interface with a service attribute in the account configuration.
  • Billing engine log viewer - The GUI for browsing call processing logs generated by the billing engine for easier troubleshooting has been improved. These logs are now presented with text indentation and color highlighting for enhanced clarity. Embedded XML formatting allows easy integration with third-party applications for log processing. MR18 also introduces log indexing, which can be done on a dedicated server for customers with large log volumes. This allows rapid retrieval of the required information with a minimum load on the server's CPU and disk system.
  • Improved cost/revenue report - The built-in cost/revenue report now provides sub-totals for individual services.


  • Instant messaging - PortaSIP now includes an advanced messaging module that enables online messaging, message storage on the server side for offline users (so they can receive messages later), and the option of keeping a full message history on the server.
  • Call waiting - PortaSwitch can now control delivery of the call waiting feature to IP phones. This ensures that it is only supplied to users who have it activated on the PortaSwitch side (regardless of whether it is enabled on the IP phone itself). This enables you to offer "Call Waiting" as an add-on service.
  • RTP proxy control at the account level - In addition to the option of media proxying based on a specific vendor's proxying policy, it is now possible to activate full media proxying for a specific account (phone line). This can be used to force NAT traversal on the PortaSwitch side in complex network configurations, or to provide users with an extra level of privacy.
  • Multi-DID control - If multiple DIDs have been allocated to a single user via the "Account Alias" feature, the PortaSwitch administrator can define which of these will be allowed independent SIP registrations (i.e. they can be used on different phones) and which can be used only in conjunction with the main account. This extends the available service options to hosted IP PBX and SIP trunking services.
  • Log indexing - MR18 also introduces indexing of SIP communication logs - this significantly reduces time required to build a visual call flow diagram and load on the server's CPU and disk system while doing it.

Unified Messaging

  • Personalization IVR - Users can now perform account self-configuration via the IVR menu (such as managing their forwarding mode and follow-me numbers) or receive extra information (e.g. hearing the last calls made or received on their phone line).
  • Hebrew language support for IVR - Users can now access PortaUM IVRs (personalization, check balance, pre-paid card application and others) in Hebrew.



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