30 October 2015

MR51 (leap-forward release) of PortaSwitch has been made available today

MR51 (leap-forward release) of PortaSwitch has been made available today. This special Halloween Edition includes pumpkin flavor, spooky sounds as music-on-hold, a ghost of MR10 and a killer of zombie processes!

MR51 Highlights

  • Initial Invoice
  • Invoice Generation Wizard
  • Simplified management of dialing rules
  • OLI over SIP support
  • Enhanced SIP log search
  • Multi-level DID resellers
  • IP phone auto-provisioning

The most important improvements in the functionality include:

Initial Invoice - this is a new option for the Administrator, where he/she can generate an invoice containing the activation fee, service charges until the end of the current billing period, etc immediately after provisioning a new customer.

Invoice Generation Wizard - the Administrator can use a convenient wizard to generate an initial, mid-term or out-of-turn invoice. The wizard allows them to assess the monthly recurring fees, add custom charges or credits, review charges, apply credit card payment and download the final PDF in one go.

Simplified management of dialing rules - dialing rules have been separated into "customer-specific" and "vendor-specific". Additionally for customer dialing rules there are "residential" rules (which contain only basic info such as international dialing prefix or area code) and "PBX" (which additionally allow management of feature codes such as call park, etc.). The redesigned dialing rules wizard only shows the configuration parameters relevant to the current dial rule context. This, combined with the improved "check yourself" examples, allows easy management of dialing rules by the Administrator.

OLI over SIP support - OLI (originating-line-information) is required to apply different tariffs based on the type/location of call origination (e.g. higher charge is applied when a call is made from a payphone). The PortaSIP media server can now interpret OLI information encapsulated in a SIP message - this eliminates the need for PSTN gateways and allows providing service when incoming calls are delivered via VoIP from carriers.

Enhanced SIP log search - using the advanced back-end log storage in Elastic, the Administrator can now search call logs by originating IP address, caller / called number and even user-agent (which identifies vendor and model of IP phone used).

Multi-level DID resellers - a reseller of any level now can have access to DID inventory and sell DID to his/her clients. In this case a revenue chain is constructed for all upper-level resellers involved, so everybody gets their share of profits.

IP phone auto-provisioning - RCA Telefield IPX500 can now be auto-provisioned by PortaSwitch. Telefield IPX500 is a touchscreen IP phone that is integrated with Google Apps and offers an advanced IP Centrex feature set.

In order to schedule an upgrade, please contact the PortaOne support team.



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