Setting up and Using Unified Messaging Services



Initial Configuration of PortaSwitch®

Associate Access Numbers with IVR Applications

Modify Rates

Modify Product

Enable UM Services for an Existing Account

Configure a Voice Mailbox

How to Change your Voicemail Greeting via the Voicemail Menu


Print this page and use it to check off the operations you have completed while performing the system setup according to the instructions in this chapter. Please be sure to perform all of the operations in the order designated (all of the boxes should be checked), otherwise the service will not work.






General configuration


Associate access numbers with IVR applications

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Rating configuration (Customer)


Add rates for the UM destination into the tariff used for charging your subscribers (referred to as Tariff B later on)

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Configure UM services for the product

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Account Provisioning


Enable UM services for an existing account

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Configure a voice mailbox

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Initial Configuration of PortaSwitch®

If you have just installed the PortaSwitch® software or dedicated a new billing environment to configure the services described in this handbook, make sure to first perform the initial configuration of PortaSwitch®. To do this, use the PortaSwitch® Initial Configuration handbook.

Associate Access Numbers with IVR Applications

You need to define which IVR applications will be launched if customers dial special access numbers from their IP phones or from the PSTN network.


1.     Open the IVR Applications page.

2.     Click the add Add button.


Open the IVR application page


3.     Fill in the following fields:

·      Name – Type the desired name for the Voice Mailbox IVR application’s.

·      Application Type – Select One’s Own Voice Mailbox Access.


4.     Click the save Save button.


 Add Voice Mailbox IVR


5.     Click on the application’s name to further configure this IVR application.


Configure the Voice Mailbox IVR


6.     To add the access number, click the add Add button.

7.     On the Access Numbers tab, fill in the following field:

·      Access number – Type the actual number that must be dialed by an end user.


8.     Click the save Save button.


Define the access number

Modify Rates

First, you should make sure that your customers are allowed to use voicemail. In order to do so, you should add a rate for the voicemail destination UM into the tariffs used for outgoing calls for your SIP subscribers.


Modify the rates for the tariff


Add UM destination


Check the destination added


1.     On the Tariff Management page you will see a list of the available tariffs. Click the editRate Rates icon next to the name of a tariff.

2.     On the Edit Rates page, click add Add.

3.     Insert UM in the Destination field and specify a zero price for it. Leave other fields in the form as they are.

4.     Click the save Save button on the toolbar or the save_add Save icon on the left side of the row.

5.     Click Close to return to the Tariff Management page.

Modify Product

All of the required products that your customers might need were already created when setting up SIP services. The last thing to be done is to enable the UM services in this product’s service configuration. Then all accounts with this product are allowed to login into UM (via webmail, voicemail, or from their email client).


Modify the product


Enable unified messaging


1.     In the  Rating section of the Main Menu page, click Products.

2.     On the Product Management page, click the name of the corresponding product.

3.     Click the Service Configuration tab.

4.     In the Services menu, click Incoming Calls under Voice Calls.

5.     Select Enabled from the Unified Messaging list to activate Unified Messaging for this product.

6.     Specify the default limit for your end users’ mailboxes in the Mailbox Limit, MB field.

7.     Fax-only mode – When set to Yes, this option turns the SIP phone into a dedicated fax machine. Select No from the list.

8.     ClickSave & Close.

9.     Repeat steps 2–8 to modify rating lists for all products which will include UM services.

Enable UM Services for an Existing Account

When UM services are enabled at the product level, they are what predefine access to the Media Server for all accounts having that product assigned. However, in some cases it is necessary to explicitly enable UM services for a specific account (e.g. main phone line within an IP Centrex environment).


1.     Open the Account Info page and select the account you wish to edit.


Enable UM services for an existing account 


2.     Click the Service Configuration tab.

3.     In the Services left-hand menu, click Incoming Calls under Voice Calls.

4.     Select Enabled from the Unified Messaging list and specify the mailbox limit to activate UM services for this account.

5.     Click save_close Save & Close.

Configure a Voice Mailbox

Voice mailbox configuration is usually performed by end users via their Account self-care interface. Please consult the PortaBilling Help for more information about the voicemail parameters available.

How to Change your Voicemail Greeting via the Voicemail Menu

End users can change their voicemail greeting – the message that callers hear when they are transferred to voicemail – via the Extended Greetings Options menu.  

NOTE: In order for end users to access the Extended Greetings Options menu, an administrator needs to enable it in the One's Own Voice Mailbox Access IVR application settings.

Change voicemail greeting

To change the voicemail greeting do the following:

1.     Dial the voicemail access number.

2.     From the Main menu, select Personal Options by pressing 3.

3.     From the Personal Options menu, select Greetings by pressing 3.

4.     From the Greetings menu, choose the greeting you want to activate: 

·       Press 1 for Extended absence greeting. This greeting is generally used to inform the callers that you are away for an extended period of time (for example, when you are on a business trip or vacation).

·       Press 2 for Personal greeting. This greeting is customized to meet your personal or business needs. For example, it can outline what information the callers should include in their message or give them additional information about your schedule, special circumstances, and etc.

·       Press 3 for Recorded name. This is used to personalize your greeting. The callers will hear: “[Recorded name] is not available. Please leave a message.” This helps to ensure that the message is left for the right person


5.     If the greeting has not been recorded yet, you will be asked to record it. Follow the prompts to record your greeting.

6.     When the greeting is recorded, press 2 to activate it.

7.     You can now hang up or press * to return to the previous menu.