Configuring a Distributor for Postpaid Services

Using Distributors to Expand Your Sales Network


Create a Distributor

Create a Quick Form for the Distributor

Distributor Actions

Log in to Self-Care Interface

Create Customers

Add Accounts to an Existing Customer

Record a Payment from the End User

Using Distributors to Expand Your Sales Network

This section demonstrates how to configure a distributor who will be selling your postpaid products to end users, collecting cash payments from them and entering these into the system.


The procedure is very similar to the general residential VoIP set-up described in the Basic Residential VoIP Services section. Only a few additional comments are necessary:

·       A distributor is not allowed to create accounts in the same way as an administrator does – he can only use quick forms to do this.

·       When a postpaid customer is created with a zero credit limit and a zero opening balance, no money is collected from the customer, and so there is no basis for the distributor to receive commission. Thus, for postpaid customers the distributor will only receive commission when he collects money from the customer and then applies this to the customer’s account as a payment.


For the configuration demonstration we will use the following example:

To boost your sales you have a distributor who sells your IP Centrex product to small businesses. Thus, the distributor is entitled to create customers and accounts and to record payments received from customers.


Print the following page and use it to mark the operations you have completed while performing the system setup according to the instructions in this chapter. Please make sure that you perform all of the operations in the order designated (all of the boxes should be checked), otherwise the service will not work.

Operations to be performed by the administrator





Rating configuration


Create a distributor and set his commission rate on the Additional Info tab

[     ]

Specify a username and password for the distributor to access the self-care interface

[     ]

Create a quick form for your distributor

[     ]

Operations to be performed by the distributor

Account provisioning


Go to the customer self-care web page and log in using the credentials provided

[     ]

Create new customers

[     ]

Generate accounts for customers

[     ]

Accept payments from customers and record payment information in the system

[     ]


Create a Distributor

The distributor entity you are about to create will define your relationship with a partner who is distributing your services, and will allow him further service management (e.g. creating his own customers and accounts).


Add a distributor


Specify the commission


1.     In the  Participants section of the PortaBilling® main page, choose Distributors.

2.     On the Distributor Management page, click add Add.

3.     Fill in the New Distributor form. Please note that there are several tabs with extra information available on the screen. The most important fields are:

Main form (top)

·       Customer ID – Type a short name for this distributor; this will be used on the web interface.

·       Customer Class – Customer class allows you to define a policy for automated payment collection. By choosing a specific class here the customer will automatically inherit all of the class properties (grace period, invoice template, etc.).

·       Currency – Choose the currency in which this distributor will be billed.

·       Permanent Credit Limit – Assign a credit limit for the distributor.

Additional Info tab

·       Default Sales Commission – This commission is applied when an account is created or a distributor is assigned (e.g. if the distributor's commission percentage is 15%, and a new account with a $10 balance has been created, then the distributor is charged $8.5 and has a $1.5 profit).

·       Default Payment Commission – This commission is applied when payment is entered (e.g. when the distributor makes payment of $10 towards an account, and his payment commission is 10%, then the distributor is charged $9 and has a $1 profit).

Invoices & Taxation tab

·       Send statistics via email – Summary only – Distribute a call summary only, and do not attach a details file; this might be useful in the case of a large amount of calls. Other options are full statistics (attach a complete list of xDRs) or do not send (this option prevents the delivery of event statistics to this customer via email).

Balance & Credits tab

·       Balance Warning Threshold – The distributor can be notified by email when his balance is dangerously close to the credit limit and he will soon be unable to activate accounts. Here you can enter the value for such a warning threshold. This can be entered:

o   As a percentage (e.g. 90%). The warning will be sent when the customer’s balance exceeds that percentage of his credit limit. So, if the credit limit is USD 1000.00 and the threshold is 90%, a warning will be sent as soon as the balance exceeds USD 900.00. This is only applicable when the customer has a positive credit limit.

o   As an absolute value. The warning will be sent as soon as the balance goes over the specified value. For prepaid traffic exchange, where the credit limit is zero, you can enter 100.00 here.

Web Self-care tab

·       Login – Type a username that the distributor will use to log in to the distributor’s self-care interface.

·       Password – Type a username that the distributor will use to log in to the distributor’s self-care interface.

·       Time Zone – The time zone in which the distributor will see his xDRs, and which will also define his billing period. For example, if you choose America / New_York here and the billing period is Monthly, the billing period will start on the first day of the month at midnight (12 am) New York time.

·       Web Interface Language – The language to be used on the customer’s self-care web interface.


4.     Click save_close Save & Close.

Create a Quick Form for the Distributor

To make the process simpler and prevent any data errors, using a quick form is the only available option for distributors to provision new customers. A quick form allows the administrator to pre-define all of the important parameters (e.g. invoice settings, choice of product, activated service features, etc.), while the distributor only fills in the customer’s personal data.


Create a quick form for the distributor


1.     In the  Management section of the PortaBilling® main page, choose Quick Forms.

2.     On the Quick Form Management page, click add Add.

3.     Fill in the New Quick Form. The most important fields are:

Main form (top)

·       Name – The name of the quick form.

·       Currency – The quick form’s currency. All customers created using this quick form will use this currency. It will also define the selection of available products for accounts.

·       Managed By – Leave Administrator Only here.

·       Customer Class – The quick form's customer class, which is automatically assigned to a customer created using this quick form. Later, the quick form can be used to add more accounts to an existing customer with the same customer class.


4.     On the Visible To tab, select the ACLs (e.g. Distributor) which will be able to use the quick form and click save Save.


Choose controls


Save the controls


5.     Click  Screen23 Choose Controls on the toolbar.

6.     Fill in the information about the customer object.


_Hint_ExclamationMark The checkbox next to the field defines its status with regard to data entry. If the box is checked, this means that the distributor will be prompted to enter a value for this field. If the box is unchecked, you must provide a value for this field when defining the quick form, which will then be inserted into the database.


7.     Now click save Save on the toolbar to save the quick form information relating to the customer.


Add controls for accounts


Select the controls for accounts


Seve the controls


Order the controls


8.     Click  Accounts on the toolbar to enter information about the account being created by this quick form.

9.     Fill in the parameters relating to the account, then click save Save.

10.   If you want to use this quick form to create several accounts, click Next on the toolbar to access the information screen for the next account, then click save Save.

Distributor Actions

At this point, you have finished with the administrator part of the work. You just need to send the distributor his login credentials for the PortaBilling® self-care interface, while the rest of the tasks described below will be performed by the distributor himself.

Log in to Self-Care Interface

Open the customer self-care page in a browser (by default https://<your-porta-billing- server-name>:8444) and type in the username / password which was provided to you.

Create Customers

Create a customer


Select a quick form


Fill in the customer information


1.     In the  Participants section of the distributor self-care interface, choose Customers.

2.     On the Customer Management page, click add Add and select the quick form.

3.     Fill in the necessary information and then click save Save.

Add Accounts to an Existing Customer

1.     Open the Customers page (the page which contains a list of customers). It should look like the screenshot below:


Add accounts


Fill in the account quick form


2.     Next to the customer name, click the Account  or accounts Accounts icon (in the Accounts column), which will take you to account management for that customer.

3.     Click the add Add icon and select the quick form.

4.     Fill in the Add Account form and then click save Save.

Record a Payment from the End User

The distributor can accept payment in cash from an end user (the owner of a prepaid or postpaid account) and record it in the billing system. This increases the customer’s available funds, while the amount (minus commission) is added to the distributor’s balance (the amount he owes to the service provider).


1.     Open the Customers page and find the customer you want to record the payment from.


Record a payment from the end user


2. Click the customer name.


Open the balance adjustment wizard


1.     On the Edit Customer page, click Balance Adjustment icon.

2.     Select Manual Payment and click Next.


Select manual payment


3.     Fill in the required amount of money and add an internal comment. Click Done.


Specify the ammount


4.     Click save_close Save & Close.


As soon as payment has been entered, the transaction is also recorded for the distributor (since he collected cash from the customer, and now owes part of it to the service provider). The distributor can check these transactions in the xDR browser.


Browse the xDR history