How to …

… Configure data provisioning to NetNumber


North American MVNOs use the NetNumber database for accurate SMS and MMS routing. This entails storing their DIDs in NetNumber and keeping them up-to-date.


This section instructs you how to configure your integration with NetNumber on the PortaBilling® side. Before configuring the provisioning to NetNumber, make sure that all preliminary procedures with NetNumber Inc. have been completed. In particular, you must sign the contract and request the data necessary for integration with PortaBilling®. This section assumes that you have already configured your installation according to the instructions provided in the MVNO Service Provisioning handbook.

Configure provisioning on the Configuration server

1.      Go to the Configuration server and clone the configuration.

2.      Select PortaSwitch on the Configuration Tree and then NumberPorting from among the groups.

3.      Enable the number porting functionality:


Enable number porting


·         Enabled – Select Yes.


4.      Select the NumberPorting_NetNumber group and fill in the following fields:


Configure number porting for NetNumber


·         Enabled – Select Yes.

·         NNID – Specify your ID number provided by NetNumber.

·         SFTP_auth_file – Provide the path to the NetNumber SFTP authorization file.

·         SFTP_directory – Specify your remote directory on the NetNumber server.

·         SFTP_password – Specify the NetNumber SFTP server password.

·         SFTP_server – Specify the NetNumber SFTP server IP address or its domain name.

·         SFTP_username – Specify the login to the NetNumber SFTP server.

·         Transfer_period – Specify the frequency, in minutes, of data transfer.


5.      Click the Save button and then the Check button.

6.      Verify the new configuration and click the Check / Apply button.


Enable events for ESPF (External system provisioning framework)


1.      Open the system console and connect to the PortaBilling® web server.

2.      Type in the following commands to:


·         Enable the corresponding handler:

>/home/provisioning-framework/utils/ handler enable NetNumber


·         Enable the needed events:

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ type enable Account/New

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ type enable Account/Status/Closed


·         Subscribe the handler to events:

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ handler sub NetNumber Account/New

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ handler sub NetNumber Account/Status/Closed

or to all allowed events

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ handler sub NetNumber all


·         Check the matrix to see the handler’s subscription:

> /home/provisioning-framework/utils/ matrix


3.      Save the changes.