Using the Service from Mobile Application

To make a call to any city or country with a smartphone or tablet, we recommend using the Acrobits Cloud Softphone program. You can download Acrobits Softphone in the Apple AppStore or Android Market directly from your mobile phone.


Acrobits Cloud Softphone is a highly configurable SIP client designed specifically for VoIP providers. You can receive calls or messages using Push Notifications, either when the app is in the background or even closed, while using very little battery. Its main features include instant messaging, HD sound, balance checker, customizable ringtones and Bluetooth support. To simplify customer management, Acrobits’ iOS/Android Softphone apps offer one-touch provisioning with QR codes.


The Cloud Softphone also includes extremely scalable pricing options to meet every need. Pay only for those features you have provided and those users you have activated.


By customizing Cloud Softphone apps to PortaSwitch®, you are assuring your customers of the best possible call quality – along with unparalleled convenience and value. Your customers can carry your office extension with them wherever they go.

Administrator Interface Setting

1.      On the Cloud Softphone page, click  Create new application.



2.      On the Create New Application page, select a Feature Set (in our example, it is the Full-Featured Set).



3.      Fill in the form for a new application.



4.      Click Create Application, and then you can see the information about your newly created application.



5.      Click on the name of your application; four new sections now appear on the screen. You can view or edit them.




6.      In the Features section, select features you will provide to your end users, and there you can see the prices for these features. You will only pay for those features you wish to provide to your customers.







7.      Click Submit Cart to add your newly enabled features to the list of services provided by you.


8.      In the Provisioning Options screen, enter the required setting for your network.



Basic Settings

·         Name of the service – Enter a name for the service you will provide to your end users;

·         Domain – Enter your domain (e.g. the IP address of the PortaSIP® server or its hostname);

·         Transport protocol – Select the type of transport protocol. In most cases it is the UDP protocol;

·         Incoming Calls for iPhone – Select the method for incoming calls. In most cases it is the In Foreground Only method;

·         Incoming Calls for Android – Select the method for incoming calls. In most cases it is the Push method.




9.      Click Save.


10.  In the Design Theme section, upload graphic assets and choose a color scheme for your application. You can only do this for iPhone and Android devices.




11.  Click Save.


12.  In the Testing Account Settings section, enter two test accounts for conducting some basic tests to verify that your settings and features are configured correctly.





13.  Click Save.

User Interface Setting

Smartphone users around the world are embracing VoIP apps as a way to complete domestic and international calls at little or no cost per call. By customizing the Cloud Softphone apps to PortaSwitch®, providers are assuring their customers of the best possible call quality – along with unparalleled convenience and value.


As an example, we will show an end-user phone setting based on an Android:


1.      Enter Play Store and search the Cloud Softphone program;



2.      Download it, click the Install button and start the program installation process;



3.      Click the Open button;



4.      Enter your Cloud ID and Password or you can simply scan the QR code that’s visible on your app detail page;




5.      Now you can make calls;



6.      Your outgoing call;




7.      Your incoming call.