Charging Calls – Rating Formula Method

This method gives you maximum flexibility in call rating. You create a call formula which is then applied to the call.


Let’s consider the example shown on the figure below. “Charge 1.80 per minute with 1 second rounding for the first minute of call, then charge 1.80 per minute for the next 2 minutes of the call with 1 minute rounding; after the 3rd minute of the call the fixed surcharge of 0.5 will be applied with 25% of probability; and for the next 7 minutes a charge of 1.80 will be applied with 1 minute rounding. When the call duration reaches 10 minutes, it will be disconnected in 50% of all cases with 30 seconds of dispersion.”


Please refer to the Call Rating Formula Wizard section of the PortaBilling Web Reference Guide for more details.



Let’s see how this schema can be configured:


1.       Choose the appropriate category from the (Available) list on the left.

2.      Specify the first Interval and click Include.



3.      Specify the second Interval and click Include.



4.      Specify the Fixed Surcharge and click Include.



5.      Specify the third Interval and click Include.



6.      Indicate the Call Disconnect parameters and click Include.



7.      Specify the last unlimited Interval that will last until the end of the call and click Include.



8.      Click  Save&Close to apply the formula.