Callshop Services

Callshop Services

The callshop owner is your reseller. He pays you for all outgoing calls, and wants to keep track of calls made by individual accounts (phone booths) so that he can charge his customers. The only difficulty here is that many different customers will use the same phone booth (account) during the day, and each of them must receive his own bill.



First of all, make sure that the callshop functionality is enabled for this reseller (Callshop enabled checkbox on the Additional Info tab in customer info). After that, the administrator or reseller himself can turn on / off callshop functionality for specific subcustomers who represent individual callshops.



Thus the callshop owner will create an account for each of the phone booths. When a customer enters the booth, the callshop operator will activate the timer (this also unblocks the account).




After the customer exits the booth, the callshop operator stops the timer for that booth. This blocks the account so that no one can use the booth unnoticed while the operator is dealing with the previous customer’s payment.




Finally, by simply clicking the  Receipt button, the operator can obtain a receipt containing a list of all the calls made by the customer and the total amount charged. This receipt can also be easily printed.


Adobe SystemsIf a reseller (callshop owner) has several callshop operators, it is not advisable to give each one of them access to the reseller’s self-care interface. Instead, each should be created as a CC Staff account, and should use the CC Staff interface to activate timers and so on.