On-demand DID Provisioning for Reseller

This chapter demonstrates how to configure a DID World Wide supplier vendor and set pricing parameters for DID usage. This will allow your reseller’s sub-customer to pick a number belonging to the desired country/city from the inventory of DID or toll-free numbers available on the DID vendor side and then assign the number to one of his phone lines.


Please refer to the PortaBilling Web Reference Guide PDF file for detailed instructions on how to navigate and operate the web interface, as well as for detailed explanations of particular fields.

Configuring Phone Number On-demand Provisioning for Reseller


Print the following page and use it to check off the operations you have completed while performing the system setup according to the instructions in this chapter. Please be sure to perform all of the operations in the order designated (all of the boxes should be checked), otherwise the service will not work.


Adobe SystemsThe checklist below assumes that you have already configured the basic SIP services according to the instructions provided in the previous chapters.






Rating configuration


Make sure that you have performed the configuration according to the instructions described in the On-demand DID provisioning section.

[     ]

Create owner batches (one batch for reseller and one for subcustomer)

[     ]

Assign an Owner DID Batch to the Reseller.

[     ]

Assign an Owner DID Batch to the Subcustomer.

[     ]

Account provisioning


Allocate DID as an alias for this customer’s account.

[     ]



Program the parameters (phone number, password and SIP server address) into the SIP phone and make a test call.

[     ]

Create Owner DID Batches (one batch for reseller and one for sub-customer)

The owner DID batches are sets of pricing parameters to be applied to different customer groups for DID usage (e.g. you may want to charge your resellers differently from your retail customers for DID usage).


1.      In the Networking section of the admin interface, choose DID Inventory.

2.      On the DID Inventory page, choose  Owner Batches.

3.      Press  Add to add a new batch.

4.      Fill in the Add DID Batch form:

·         Name – Type in a short name for the owner DID batch object.

·         Managed By – Specify Administrator only.

·         Applied To – Specify Reseller who will use this batch.

·         Pricing Parameters – Define the DID price using the following parameters:

o       Vendor – Select the vendor providing DID numbers for this batch.

o       Currency – Select the currency in which you will charge for DID usage. Note that this batch can be assigned only to resellers who use the same currency.

o       Additional Activation Fee – Specify a configurable fixed amount that is charged at allocation of a new number in addition to the DID provider’s activation fee.

o       Additional Recurring Fee – Specify a configurable fixed amount that is always included in the recurring (monthly) charge.

o       Recurring Fee Markup – Specify a configurable increase of the DID cost (charged by the DID provider) included in the recurring charge in addition to the actual DID cost.

o       Round the Final Charge Amount – Specify the rounding pattern in order to obtain “marketable” figures. This will specify the last “pre-set” digits in the figure.








5.      Click the  Save button in the toolbar, or the  icon on the left end of the row.

6.      Repeat steps 1-5 to create another owner DID batch that will be managed by a Reseller (select the appropriate reseller name from the list) and applied to the Customer.


Assign an Owner DID Batch to Reseller

1.      On the reseller’s Additional Info tab select a previously created owner DID batch in the Auto-provision DIDs Via Batch list. Click  Save.



Assign an Owner DID Batch to Sub-customer

The sub-customer will be able to browse the complete inventory of DID or toll-free numbers available on the DID vendor side, online. When he picks a number, the sign-up process on the PortaSwitch® side will reserve and allocate that number on the DID provider side and provision it inside of PortaSwitch® (e.g. as an alias to an existing account). When the sub-customer decides that he no longer needs the number (or changes the number to something else), the reverse procedure will happen – the number will be released on the DID provider side and the account/alias will be removed in PortaBilling®.


1.      On the customer’s Additional Info tab select a previously created owner DID batch in the Auto-provision DIDs Via Batch list. Click  Save.


Allocate DIDs

Once you assigned a batch for DID auto-provisioning, DID numbers can be allocated on the DID provider side for this customer. This is usually done by a customer himself. Please consult the External Numbers section of the Customer Self-care Interface guide for more information about allocating DIDs.

Create an Extra DID as an Alias (Optional)

For example, if you want to add a Canadian DID to some subcustomer’s account, you can add it as an alias.


1.      Open the Account Info form for an existing account, and go to the Aliases tab:









2.      Click  Add to create a new alias for the current account.

3.      Click  Provision a Number to allocate a new DID.

4.      Specify a country and a city in which you want to purchase the DID and click the Provision button.

5.      Click the Close button.

6.      Click  Save.

7.      Repeat steps 2-6 to add additional aliases.