Table of Contents

General Configuration

Rate Import

Calls between SIP Phones (On-Net Calls)

Incoming Calls from PSTN

Managing Available Phone Numbers (DID Inventory)

Charging for Value-added Services

Creating a Service with Discount Plans

Creating a Service with Multiple Off-Peak Periods

Invoicing Process Illustrated

Prepaid Services

Prepaid Calling Cards (Using PortaUM®)

Prepaid Calling Cards (Using a Gateway)

Callshop Services


APPENDIX A. Prepaid Billing Features

APPENDIX B. PortaOne Calling Card Application Special Features

APPENDIX C. Cisco Gateway Configuration Guidelines

APPENDIX D. Quintum Configuration Guidelines

APPENDIX E. Charging Calling Card Customers XX/min Extra when They Call a Toll-free Line

APPENDIX F. Authorizing and Billing Customers by the Originating Phone Number (ANI-based Billing)

APPENDIX G. Preventing an ANI Number from Being Used as a PIN

Residential VoIP Services

Basic Residential VoIP Service

Auto-provisioning of IP Phones


APPENDIX A. Client’s Sipura Configuration for PortaSIP

APPENDIX B. SJLabs Softphone Configuration for PortaSIP

APPENDIX C. Configuring Windows Messenger for Use as a SIP User Agent

APPENDIX D. Auto-provisioned IP Phones and Adapters

APPENDIX E. Configuring Interoperability with DIDX

Wholesale Services

Setting up a Wholesale Traffic Exchange

Routing Info - LCR Blending

Wholesale Termination via a Gateway

Adaptive Routing and Quality of Service

Configuration Examples for Cisco Gateways

Broadband Internet WiFi and IPTV Services

Prepaid WiFi Services

IPTV Services

Broadband Internet Access Services

Unified Communications

Setting up and Using UM Services

Setting up and Using Conferencing Services


Configuring a Reseller for Prepaid Services

Configuring a Reseller for Postpaid Services

Configuring a Distributor for Prepaid Services

Configuring a Distributor for Postpaid Services

IP Centrex and SIP Trunking Services

IP Centrex

SIP Trunking

How to …

... configure call forwarding?

... configure auto attendant?

…define a time period using the wizard?

…create extra DIDs as aliases?

…limit the number of concurrent calls for a specific customer?