Bitcoin Payments


Enable Bitcoin on the Configuration server

Add Bitcoin (BTC) currency

Configure the centralized Bitcoin wallet

Make payments with Bitcoins



Service providers can offer their customers the option to pay with Bitcoins for services consumed. The principal strength of Bitcoin crypto currency is that it offers anonymity to customers. When a Bitcoin transaction takes place, no personal identifying information such as name and address are required. This makes paying with Bitcoins convenient for those customers who care about their privacy and want it preserved.


PortaBilling® stores all Bitcoins in a centralized Bitcoin wallet owned by the service provider. For each customer, the centralized wallet generates a unique address where payments are sent. The customer sends the top-up amount to this address from his / her individual Bitcoin wallet. When payment is received, the customer’s balance is topped up. 


Enable Bitcoin on the Configuration server

NOTE: Once the Bitcoin service is enabled, it will be launched on all PortaBilling® Web servers and requires a significant amount of data downloaded to its transaction database. Please make sure that each PortaBilling® Web server has at least 80 Gb of free disk space on the porta_var partition.

1.     On the Configuration server, create a new configuration.

2.     Open the created configuration and choose the Bitcoin group.

3.     Define the Bitcoin group’s configuration parameters:

·       Enabled – Choose Yes to enable Bitcoin functionality.

·       RPCPassword – Type an RPC password here. This password is used to secure the connection to the remote Bitcoin wallet via JSON RPC API.

·       RPCUser – Type an RPC user name here. Along with the RPC password, it is used to secure the connection to the remote Bitcoin wallet via JSON RPC API.

·       Testnet – Choose Yes to use the Bitcoin’s test network (testnet). Testnet coins are distinct from actual Bitcoins and have no real value. Choose No to use the real Bitcoin network.  


4.     Click the Save button and then the check_apply Verify button.

5.     Verify the new configuration and click the check_apply Check / Apply button. 


Enable Bitcoin


Add Bitcoin (BTC) currency

1.     On the navigation menu to the left select Financial and then Currency management.

2.     On the Currencies panel, click Add.


Add Bitcoin currency


3.      Select BTC from the currency list.

4.     From the Exchange Rate Source list, choose Manual or

5.     Click Save.

Configure the centralized Bitcoin wallet

1.     In the  Billing section of the PortaBilling main page, choose E-Payment Systems.

2.     Choose the Bitcoin tab. 

NOTE: This tab is only available if the Bitcoin option is enabled on the Configuration server and BTC currency is added on the Currencies page.

3.     Select the Accept Bitcoin Payments check box.

4.     In the Transfer all Bitcoin Payments to this Address field, type the address of the centralized Bitcoin wallet owned by the service provider.

5.     In the Minimum payment field, type a minimum payment amount.

6.     Click the  Save icon.


Configure the centralized bitcoin wallet


Now your customers can make payments with Bitcoins via the self-care interface.


Make payments with Bitcoins

1.     On the customer self-care interface, choose the Billing Information tab.

2.     In the left-hand menu, click Make a Payment.

3.     In the Amount field, type a top-up amount.

4.     Choose New Payment Method and click Next.

5.     Choose Pay with Bitcoins and click Next. You will see the top-up amount in Bitcoins according to the current exchange rate and the Bitcoin payment address to where the payment must be sent.

6.     With a Bitcoin client or Bitcoin wallet online service, send the top-up amount from your Bitcoin wallet to this address. For your convenience, the Bitcoin address can be scanned with a QR code.

7.     When the transaction has been submitted, click Done.

8.     Once the Bitcoin amount is received at your Bitcoin payment address, your balance is topped up.


Make payments



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