PortaOne/PROTEI interoperability solution for MVNO management including HLR/HSS and PCRF support

Expanded interoperability between company platforms gives mobile virtual network operators end-to-end infrastructure for service/subscriber management
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Global communications software company PortaOne, Inc. and PROTEI, a leading Russian infrastructure vendor, today announced completion of interoperability testing between PortaOne’s PortaBilling Business Support System (BSS) and PROTEI’s Home Location Register HLR/HSS and Policy Controller PCRF products. As an expansion of the two companies’ existing technology partnership, this new compatibility gives Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) a complete, end-to-end solution for managing subscribers and associated services independently of host network operators, and even for launching their own mobile networks.

Last year, PROTEI and PortaOne announced interoperability of the PortaBilling BSS with PROTEI’s CAMEL Gateway and DPI Platform. The addition of PROTEI’s HLR/HSS (Home Location Register and Home Subscriber Server) and PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) platforms provides additional support for critical subscriber information, along with enforcement of the operator’s business policies for wireless broadband usage.

Today’s announcement gives MVNOs and MVNEs an even more robust infrastructure solution for intelligent network services. As markets change and service possibilities evolve, providers need the ability to implement products and services that match both internal and competitive requirements. The addition of Home Location Register and Policy Controller to the PortaOne/PROTEI technology mix makes this kind of flexibility possible.

Vladimir Freinkman, PROTEI Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

From the outset, it has been evident that the technologies from PortaOne and PROTEI are complementary. It has been our goal to extend the interoperability of our products as far as possible to benefit our mobile network customers. Now, through tested compatibility with Home Location Register and Policy Controller, PortaBilling’s billing, rating and provisioning capabilities provide an even greater level of value.

Roman Khalenkov, PortaOne Sales and Marketing Director

PortaBilling, a flagship product from PortaOne, is a multi-functional and convergent system that provides real-time billing, provisioning, and customer management to all types of prepaid, postpaid, wholesale and retail telecom services. As a provisioning system, PortaBilling synchronizes SIM card inventory and subscriber information with Home Location Register, as well as policy and service quality parameters with Policy Controller, to ensure instantaneous service activation, efficient network usage, and correct charging.

HLR/HSS is key element of any mobile operator, either traditional or virtual. PROTEI HLR/HSS/AUC is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution to suit both new and existing mobile operators, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) supporting GSM/UMTS/LTE standards, IMS services and reliable authentication algorithms.

Policy Controller is an intellectual node that regulates policy and charging parameters of subscribers in both 3G / 4G and LTE networks. Equipped with a flexible and easy-to-manage policy decision engine, PROTEI’s Policy Controller implements the mobile network operator’s business needs in order to implement various advanced scenarios such as bandwidth control, QoS (Quality of Service) assignment, control of data transfer quotas, etc.


PROTEI is an international telecommunication systems vendor operating in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa, having extensive know-how and a proven track record from 2002 in the telecommunication market. Using the latest convergent technologies, innovative services such as data traffic management and well-known ones such as steering of roaming or SMS can be delivered with maximum efficiency. PROTEI’s product line covers all needs of mobile operators including core solutions (HLR/HSS), roaming management, IN, VAS, and messaging. Its products are highly customizable and can be altered according to any requirements. PROTEI serves more than 300 renowned customers in over 26 countries to cater 170 million subscribers worldwide.

PROTEI employs more than 250 highly skilled professionals of whom approximately 70% are involved in research and development. Visit


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Expanded interoperability between company platforms gives mobile virtual network operators end-to-end infrastructure for service/subscriber management

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