PortaSwitch drives full range of technical and billing services, giving telecom the base it needs to deliver innovative solutions to Russia’s global business customers

Whether a company employs 50 people or 50,000, one need is absolutely universal: the need for reliable, high-value communications. Telecom innovator Mastertel has succeeded in Russia’s two largest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, by understanding that its role is not simply to deliver technology service, but to understand and support the business success of corporate customers of all sizes.

With over 5,000 business customers currently in its user base, Mastertel serves growing enterprises as well as giant multinationals like Mercedes-Benz Rus, Toyota Motor Corporation and McDonalds. In addition to traditional IP-telephony, Mastertel offers customized telephone numbers, internet access, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), fiber network leasing and much more. Its specialty, Hosted PBX, has been important to companies in the centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as in the suburbs.

Several years back, with the need for an even broader competitive range of telecom services evident, Mastertel initiated a search for a new technology platform. Its previous solution was incapable of supporting the next-generation Hosted PBX services it needed; furthermore, the company was not satisfied with the licensing system and technical support it was receiving.

According to Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel, the search led to PortaOne and its PortaSwitch unified softswitch and BSS platform.

The solution offered by PortaOne combined several components and represented a complete product for organizing the technical aspect of telephone services as well as subscriber billing. This was the set of parameters that was decisive for choosing PortaSwitch.”

Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel

PortaSwitch, consisting of a BSS (Business and Support System), OCS (Online Charging System), Session Border Controller and Class 5 softswitch, enables retail and wholesale users to deploy and manage virtually any kind of next-generation telecom service, from Hosted IP PBX and IP Centrex to Skype-class video calling. Its offers converged billing, provisioning and SIP call control, as well as a wide range of valuable customer-facing solutions such as including unified messaging, callback management, IVRs, conferencing and more.

An important feature of PortaSwitch is its very extensive APIs, through which the system supports gradual migration of business processes and new applications development. We use PortaSwitch APIs to communicate with our external invoicing system, for managing other settings, and for internal processes. The abundance of API options makes our products more attractive to our clients.”

Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel

In addition to the number of Hosted PBX features PortaSwitch supports, Mastertel was impressed by how quickly those features could be implemented. Ezopov pointed to the quality and speed of PortaOne’s technical staff, along with the number of services provided and the competent consultations from PortaOne’s specialists, as the three primary advantages PortaSwitch offered over the previous platform.

We are amazed with the high level of technical support. PortaOne’s employees are always eager to understand the issue and to find a solution that suits our customer the best.”

Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel

With exceptional service quality, convenient bill payment, technical flexibility, and support for the changing needs of employees and end users all important to Mastertel’s enterprise customers, Ezopov feels that PortaSwitch has the capabilities necessary to help his company continue to build market share.

PortaSwitch allows us to provide high-quality traditional IP-telephony services as well as innovative Hosted PBX for our customers. It has become an essential tool for our company.”

Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel

About Mastertel

Mastertel is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Moscow with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The company offers a full range of services: from the building of communication lines to the provision of connection services of the new generation. Its goal is to provide a reliable connection to all commercial buildings in the capital of Russia.

Mastertel specialize in the intelligent business solutions for Hosted PBX for small and medium-sized businesses. The team consists of experts with more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunication field.

Following the needs of the market, the company focused its activities on creating and promoting Hosted PBX. The experts of the company react promptly to the requests and needs of customers, developing and implementing new important features: allowing the subscriber to choose number and obtain automated service, for example for purchasing additional services, payments, receipt of accounting documents,  integration with CRM, facsimile and SMS mailings, creation a solution for resellers, mobile applications.

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