PortaBilling Oracularius is a carrier grade converged VoIP billing software and customer management platform that extends the flexibility and functionality of telecommunication billing system to an entirely new scale of reliable deployment. It is designed especially for the ultimate reliability, performance and virtually unlimited scalability in Oracle Real Application Cluster environments.

PortaBilling Oracularius supports a full range of VoIP billing software capabilities including real-time mediation and rating; multiple services billing; event-based, usage-based and periodic charging; multilevel reseller and distributor channels; e-commerce and customer self-care interface; custom charging formulas and programmable discount plans; prepaid/postpaid business models; and a support for full billing cycle, from service provisioning to invoicing and collection.

contact For more information about PortaBilling Oracularius technical capabilities, architecture, and pricing please download Oracularius Concepts Guide and contact our sales team.

PortaBilling Oracularius is a carrier grade converged billing software system, making it easy to bundle:

  • Residential, IP Centrex and other retail services
  • Wholesale and international termination services
  • Data access and ISP services (WiFi, WiMAX, broadband)
  • IPTV and other Triple-Play services
  • Mobile services (dialers, SMS, MVNO, MVNE)
  • Value-added services (messaging, presence, content download, etc.)

The system supports this level of bundling while keeping the centralized control of customer's funds and creating a consolidated bill. In addition, PortaBilling Oracularius offers an open architecture, easy integration with third-party systems via XML API, and uniquely offers its product source code to users in order to allow customization by PortaOne customers and/or third-party developers.


PortaBilling Oracularius uses Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) as a back-end data storage, while deploying the real-time billing logic on a cluster of multiple billing servers. This ensures that the system continues to operate even if any server experiences a hardware malfunction and allows scaling up the performance by simply adding more servers to the cluster.

PortaBilling Oracularius' real-time billing engine can work in conjunction with a wide range of telecommunication network equipment (both TDM and VoIP including NexTone/NexPoint) for user authorization, flexible call routing (LCR, time-of-day routing, dynamic routing based on ASR and call quality, profit-guarantee routing, customized routing plans) and CDR mediation and rating.

The product, built on Oracle Linux server architecture, is proven as a highly reliable and secure carrier-grade solution. What's more, it is pre-integrated with cluster-enabled PortaSIP, a class 4 (SBC) and class 5 SIP softswitch with media application that plays IVR (voice prompts) and offers many advanced features for calling cards, retail and wholesale, hosted IP PBX or IP Centrex services such as, for example:

  • hunt-groups,
  • call forwarding/follow-me,
  • call transfer,
  • group pickup,
  • call parking,
  • NAT traversal,
  • BLF / presence,
  • instant messaging,
  • web and phone voicemail,
  • teleconferencing,
  • IMAP server for email clients,
  • auto attendant,
  • message waiting,
  • abbreviated dialing,
  • call recording, and
  • automated provisioning of IP phones.

To overcome catastrophic events such as natural disasters, power outages at the collocation provider, network routing errors, etc., and provide uninterrupted service PortaBilling Oracularius can be complimented with a site redundancy.


In addition to its proven reliability and flexibility, PortaBilling Oracularius is set apart in the industry through its unlimited perpetual license which comes with:

  • 60 hours of Oracle RAC installation, configuration, and tuning
  • Post-installation configuration, monitoring, and optimization
  • Customized on-site training
  • Complimentary subscription to Premium PortaCare with 24/7 phone and email technical support with all new feature updates
  • Oracle Linux OS with full source code
  • DB description and XML API
  • DB Licenses for Oracle Real Application Cluster (value of $984,000)

With the embedded license for Oracle Real Application Cluster, supplied with PortaBilling Oracularius, all required Oracle licenses are included into the cost of PortaBilling Oracularius - this provides drastic savings comparing to the cost of purchasing the Oracle licenses separately. The powerful advantage allows users to grow quickly through an all-in-one product, without having to renegotiate or reconfigure their customer support platform.

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